• sosa ANFRY, son of Thomas and Hélène CHAUVEL, married to Madeleine BESNARD in 1727
  • sosa BESNARD, married to Catherine LECONTE in 1678
  • DÉCOT, son of Nicolas and Anne TOREL
  • sosa DELANOE ?1676-, married to Marguerite LETESSIER
  • sosa DUPUY 1803-, son of Jean Jacques and Victoire LECOURT, married to Marie Jeanne Aimée DIBEL in 1830
  • GENU, married to Marie DÉCOT
  • sosa LÉGER ca 1716-1792, son of Henry and Jeanne VELLAY, married to Jacqueline Marie GÊNU in 1749, Marie LOGEARD in 1769
  • sosa MOUTIER, married to Jacqueline BRETON
  • sosa VERREY, married to Françoise LOGEARD