• sosa AUDIGANNE 1850-1885, daughter of Pierre Armand and Juliette de ROUSSY, married to Henri CHASSAING-MANDEGOU de BORREDON in 1880
  • sosa BOSSU 1638..1640-1694, daughter of Jean and Marie BARRON, married to Jean DE LAISEMENT in 1660
  • sosa DEMARYNIERE, married to Jehan THOMASSIN
  • sosa GILSON (de), married to Frédéric de ROUSSY in 1806
  • sosa LEFEBURE †1695, married to Jérôme VINOT
  • sosa LEFEBVRE, married to Jean LEFEBVRE in 1702
  • sosa LOIR, married to Jean DOUTRELEAU
  • sosa MAUBERT 1700-1786, daughter of Nicolas and Anne DE VAMBEZ, married to Charles DENIZE in 1720