• sosa DENU /1901-, married to Auguste MARX
  • sosa LEININGER 1865-, daughter of Philippe and Salomé DURRMEYER, married to George HEUSSNER in 1892
  • sosa LEININGER 1788-1850/, daughter of Philippe Jacques le jeune and Maria Barbara SCHMIDT, married to Chrétien HEUSSNER in 1806
  • sosa MELK †1795, married to Christian PFALZGRAFF
  • sosa METZ 1759-1834, daughter of Jean Adam and Catherine METZ, married to Philippe Jacques LEININGER
  • sosa METZ /1732-, married to Georges SOLT
  • RUCH /1840-/1857, married to Peter JÄGER
  • sosa ZIBEL ou ZWIEBEL †1813/, married to Georges François SOLT