Marie Joseph

  • sosa DELAIRE ca 1689-/1744, married to Léonard LECOCQ.
  • sosa LECOCQ ca 1722-1761, daughter of Jean Philippe and Marie Anne WATLAN, married to François Louis Joseph LOSSON in 1750.
  • sosa LELIEVRE ca 1716-1783, married to Jean Antoine LUCAS.
  • sosa LEMOINE ca 1682-1762, married to Georges LOSSON.
  • sosa VERET 1775-1849, daughter of Jean Louis Michel and Marie Angélique BRY, married to Bon Mary Grégoire LUCAS in 1792.
  • sosa WUILLAY 1781-1812, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Catherine Joseph DASSONVILLE, married to Louis GOBERT in 1804.