• sosa BARTZ, married to Marie ESTIENNE
  • sosa JEAN d'ARCHES, son of Georgeon and POirine LARCHER, married to Mougeotte THIRION in 1638
  • sosa MARGUERITTE ca 1765-, son of Jean and Marguerite BARTHELEMY, married to Marie Françoise MONPERTE in 1790
  • sosa MONPERT, son of Georges and Anne ROUSSEL, married to Marie Elisabeth BARTZ in 1761
  • sosa PIEDEFER ca 1744-, son of Joseph and Marie RICHIER, married to Marie WADLAINCOURT in 1776
  • sosa PIERLOT, married to Marguerite PORTIER in 1703
  • sosa ROLLIN, married to Claude Françoise PICONOT in 1713