• sosa François Marie 1830-1901, son of Prosper Joseph and Rose Agathe TORCQ.
  • sosa Hubert ca 1693-1748, son of Jacques and Antoinette FONTAINE, married to Marie-Louise MARGERIN.
  • sosa Jacques ca 1667-1739, married to Antoinette FONTAINE.
  • sosa Jacques Hubert 1759-1807, son of Jacques Philippe and Marie-Reine PANIEN, married to Marie-Alexandrine DELSAUX in 1789.
  • sosa Jacques Philippe 1725-1777, son of Hubert and Marie-Louise MARGERIN, married to Marie-Reine PANIEN in 1756.
  • sosa Prosper Joseph 1791-1856, son of Jacques Hubert and Marie-Alexandrine DELSAUX, married to Rose Agathe TORCQ in 1824.