• sosa BOSCHIER, daughter of Mathurin and Françoise RICHECOEUR, married to Jacques MACE.
  • sosa BOULLÉ 1587-1639, daughter of Pierre and Julienne LE GROS, married to Jean HERVÉ.
  • sosa DANIEL 1774-1857, daughter of François and Françoise GUILLET, married to Jacques Jean ROUAULT in 1799.
  • sosa LUCAS 1652-, daughter of Charles and Jacquemine DOUART, married to Alain BEUFVE in 1687.
  • sosa NIVET ca 1585-1651, married to René QUINTIN in 1601.
  • sosa ROUAULT 1822-/1897, daughter of Louis and Françoise OLIVIER, with François RENAULT.