Sosa :63
  • Born about 1842 - Germany
  • Deceased


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Individual Note

The 1925 Census of Carroll County, Magdelene's maiden name was listed as Smith.
change: 30 Nov 2005

Family Note

marriage: "Barney" was listed as an insurance agent in the 1895 Census.


  • Spouse: - - FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, International Genealogical Index (R) (Copyright (c) 1980, 2002, data as of January 22, 2005);1 _SUBQ FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0;1 _BIBL Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church. Extracted record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by date. The form lists the submitter's name and address and may include source information. The address may be outdated. Details vary. To find the form, you must know the batch and sheet number. The record often shows the name of the individual and his or her relationship to a descendant, shown as the heir, family representative, or relative. The original records are not indexed, and you may have to look at the film frame-by-frame to find the information you want. A family group record for this couple may be in the Family Group Record Collection; Archive Section. (See the Family History Library Catalog for the film number.) These records are alphabetical by name of the father or husband.;1 REPO @R1@;1 REPO @R1@;PAGE Batch Number: M957675; Dates: 1837 - 1875; Source Call Number: 0839183;Note Marriage: JOHANN BERNARD CHRISTIAN CHRISTOPH HANNASCH and MAGDALENA HEN;CONC RICA SCHMITZ

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 Family Tree Preview

Joseph Schmitz ca 1821- _____ _____ ca 1821-

Magdalena Henrika Schmitz ca 1842-

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