Gerhardus Johannes

  • Boerkamp 1802-, son of Antonius and Margaretha Demmers.
  • Bremer 1827-1882, son of Hermanus and Willemina Kraayvanger, married to Arnolda Meunders in 1860.
  • Frontroth 1817-1900, son of Gerrit and Johanna Alberink, married to Maria Wissink in 1846.
  • Groot Koerkamp †1902, son of Henricus and Grada Johanna Assink.
  • sosa Hartwijk 1835-, son of Johannes and Gerarda Siebels, married to Grada Bergervoet.
  • Kluppers 1893-, son of Arnoldus and Hendrika roodink.
  • Paalman 1809-, father of Cornelia Strijp.
  • Schutten 1818-, son of Everhardus Johannes Schutte and Margaretha Georges Stens.
  • jansen 1914-1993, son of Gerhardus Everhardus and Sophia broenland.