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Genealogie de mes enfants

Lozere (Allenc et ses environs....)

Bouches du Rhone ( Aix en Provence, Lambesc....)

Vaucluse (Cadenet et ses environs....)



N'hésitez pas à m'indiquer toute erreur constatée

 "Marie" Thérèse, Marie Therese, Marie Thérèse, Marie-Thérèse


  • A
    • ALAMELLE 1727-, daughter of Charles and Delphine ESCARCHEFIGUE
    • ALEXIS /1767-/1810, married to Jean Baptiste LAUGIER in 1783
    • ARQUIER /1739-, daughter of Jean and Dorothée BOISSELIN, married to Gabriel Florent ROSIER in 1765
    • AYMARD 1796-, daughter of Elzear Joseph and Marie Angelique OLLIVIER
    • AYMARD 1755-1776/, daughter of Joseph and Anne Veronique OLLIVIER, married to Marc CONSOLIN in 1776
  • B
    • BERAUD 1749-1792/, daughter of Jean Joseph and Rose HODE, married to François ESTIENNE in 1773, Joseph JAUFFRET in 1794
    • BERGIER 1766-, daughter of Francois and Louise TALENE
    • BERGIER 1763-, daughter of Andre and Marie MARTEL
    • BERGIER 1758-, daughter of Francois and Louise TALENE
    • BRIAN 1779-, daughter of Laurent and Rose BAUSSY
  • C
    • CADET 1689-, daughter of Joseph and Anne MICHEL, married to Christophe ISOARD in 1716
    • sosa CAUVIN 1782-1831, daughter of Hugues and Claire BOSSY, married to Louis Auguste MICHEL in 1803
    • CHAULIER, with Louis Henri BOURGUE
  • D
    • DEMETRAND 1767-, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne Marie ARNAUD
    • DEVAUX 1749-, daughter of Charles and Marie SAVOURNIN
  • G
    • GIET 1873-, daughter of Jean-Baptiste "Julien" and Marie Louise RAVEL
    • GUEYDAN 1655-, daughter of Jacques and Marguerite LHERAULT
    • GUION 1886-1905/, daughter of Marius Hyppolithe and Philomene CROUX, married to Paul Marc PIGNOLY in 1905
  • I
    • ILLY 1639-, daughter of Anthoine and Isabelle INGUIMBERT
  • J
    • JACQUEME 1814-, daughter of Pierre Etienne and Anne Marguerite BRIAN
  • L
    • LACHAUD ca 1798-1827, daughter of Francois and Veronique SYLVESTRE, married to Polycarpe Hipolite Brutus ARQUIER in 1821
    • LAGIER /1869-1885/, married to Antoine Joseph TALENE in 1885
    • LAUGIER 1698-, daughter of Charles Felix and Francoise de SAVOURNIN
    • LAURENT, daughter of "Constant" Louis and "Marthe" Eugénie BERGIER
  • M
    • MARTEL ca 1703-1733, daughter of Jacques and Magdeleine GAMEL?, married to Elzear VAGUE in 1721
    • MEYNIER 1748-, daughter of Marcellin and Chretienne ESCAILLON
    • MONGES 1779-, daughter of Claude and Marie SAURIN
  • N
    • NOUVEL 1677-, daughter of Jacques and Jeanne BONIFACY
  • P
    • PERRIN 1758-, daughter of Joseph Etienne and Marie PLUMAT
    • PONTEVES (de) 1626-1675/, daughter of Jean Andre and Claude de GAST, married to Henri de FORBIN-MAYNIER in 1637
  • R
    • REY 1820-1878/, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie BLANC, married to Joseph Andre BOREL in 1837
    • RI?? /1727-, daughter of Jean and Ursule NICOLAS, married to Antoine HONNORAT in 1743
  • S
    • SALAT 1715-1734/, daughter of Pierre and Louise LAUGIER, married to Mathieu BARTHELEMY in 1734
    • SOLLIER 1818-1841/, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Rose SOULLIER, married to Jean Louis Auguste Casimir MISTRAL in 1841
  • T
    • TAMISIER 1771-, daughter of Jean and Anne MEYSSARD
  • V
    • VALLON 1770-, daughter of Jean Louis and Marie Anne AVY
    • VARENNE 1767-, daughter of Jacques and Thérèse MONGES
    • VITALIS 1766-1787, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Geneviève Christine GERMAIN, married to Jean Joseph LATY in 1786