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  • Baptized 3 September 1779 - Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Deceased in 1846 - Uffcott, Wiltshire, England,aged 67 years old
  • Buried 1 February 1846 - Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, England

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Individual Note

!CHR: The relationship between George Ma

!CHR: The relationship between George Martin of Broad Hinton and the Martins of Ramsbury needs to be proved. It was worked out by BYU Family History Servicesin the 1970s, but a reading of their reports indicates they were not positive about the connection. One thing is certain, the George Martin who married Martha Wilkins was not christened at Broad Hinton nor Cliffe-Pypard. Ramsbury PR, FHL 943,576--1986 1996--I have cut the link in this file between George Martin and his parents as given by BYU (George Martin and Anne Wren). I have additional research in a folder that seems more likely. 1998--The most likely possibility for the parentage of George Martin at this point is William and Betty Martin of Chippenham. Research continues. MAR: Cliffe-Pypard PR [BT?], FHL 1,279,361 BUR: Died at Uffcot, age 67, Broad Hinton BT, FHL 1,279,405 Occupation: Farmer, Laborer Age 67 in 1841 census, born in Wiltshire, wife not listed


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Marriage with Elizabeth Eatall:
A23788-8 B 7 par reg Ramsbury by corres.


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