(William de Percy)(William 6th Baron Percy)

  • Born in 1193 - Alnwick, Northumberland, England
  • Deceased July 12, 1245 - Alnwick, Northumberland, England,aged 52 years old
  • Buried after July 28, 1245 - Salley Abbey, Craven, Yorkshire, England
  • 6ème baron de Percy, Duke of Northumberland, 6th Baron Percy - Lord of Topcliffe, 6th Baron de Percy of Topcliffe, 7th Baron Percy, Lord of Topcliffe


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 Family Note

Marriage with Ellen Balliol de Balliol

Conjoint: Eleanor de Percy (née de Balliol)


  • Individual:
    - Arbre généalogique FamilySearch1. Anastasia de Percy, married Ralph FitzRandolph, had issue. 2. Joan de Percy, married the lord of Farlington.
    3. Agnes de Percy, married Eustace de Balliol, had issue.
    4. Alice de Percy, married Ralph Bermingham, had issue.

    William married secondly Ellen, daughter of Ingram de Balliol and Agnes de Berkeley, they are known to have had the following known issue.
    1. Henry de Percy, Master of Topcliffe
    2. Ingram de Percy, married Joan de Fortibus, without issue.
    3. William de Percy, Canon of St. Peter's, York
    4. Walter de Percy
    5. Galfrid de Percy
    6. Alan de Percy
    7. Josceline de Percy
    8. Ellen de Percy


    “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
    “WILLIAM DE PERCY, of Topcliffe, Catton, Gisburn, Leconfield, Nafferton, Seamer, Settle, Spofforth, Tadcaster, and Wansford, Yorkshire, Snailwell, Cambridgeshire, Hambledon, Hampshire, Heyshott and Petworth, Sussex, etc., son and heir, born about 1193 (minor in Trinity term 1212, came of age before Trinity term 1214).
    He married (1st) about 1226 JOAN BRIWERRE (or BRIWERE), daughter of William Briwerre, Knt., of Bridgwater, Somerset, Horsley, Derbyshire, Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire, etc., Sheriff of Devon, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire; and Derbyshire, by Beatrice de Valle [see BRIWERRE 3 for her ancestry]. Her maritagium included the whole vill of Foston, Leicestershire.
    They had five daughters, including
    1. Joan (wife of Henry de Ferlington),
    2. Agnes (wife of Eustace de Balliol),
    3. Alice (wife of Randolph Heringaud [or Heringod]), and
    4. Anastasia.
    Although he was the heir male of his great-grandfather, William de Percy, he only obtained possession of approximately a moiety of the Percy barony (i.e., the moiety held by his great aunt, Maud de Percy, Countess of Warwick), until the death in 1244 of his uncle, Richard de Percy, who held the other moiety and with whom he had a long series of disputes. In 1214 he proceeded to Rome on the king's service. In 1221 he served with the king at Biham. In 1224 he was excused scutage for the army in Wales for his good service. The same year he was granted a market at his manor of Spofforth, Yorkshire, until the king attained full age. He served in the French expedition in 1230. He and his wife, Joan, were benefactors of St Cuthbert's church in Durham.
    Joan died before 12 June 1233, and was buried at the Hospital of Sandon, Surrey.
    He granted the Hospital of Sandon, Surrey an income of 20 marks, together with 80 acres of land in Foston, Leicestershire for the purpose of supporting six chaplains for divine offices within the house.
    He married (2nd) about 1233 ELLEN DE BALLIOL, daughter of Ingram de Balliol, Sheriff of Berwick, by ___, daughter and heiress of Walter de Berkeley, of Red Castle, Forfarshire, Chamberlain of Scotland. Her maritagium included the manor of Dalton in Hartness, Durham.
    They had six sons,
    1. Henry, Knt.,
    2. Ingram, Knt.,
    3. William [Canon at St. Peter's, York],
    4. Walter,
    5. Alan, and
    6. Jocelin.
    In 1241 he was one of four commissioners to survey the royal castles in Yorkshire. The same year he was summoned to Chester for military service. In 1242 the king confirmed his gift of the manor of Gisburne in Craven, Yorkshire to Salley Abbey, Yorkshire. In 1244 he paid homage to the king for the lands of his uncle, Richard de Percy. At an unknown date, he granted the church of St. John Evangelist of the Park of Healaugh two marks' rent of his mill of Tadcaster.
    WILLIAM DE PERCY died shortly before 28 July 1245, and was probably buried at Sallay Abbey, Yorkshire. His heart was buried before the Lady altar in the church or chapel of the Hospital of Sandon, Surrey.
    His widow, Ellen, died shortly before 22 Nov. 1281.

    Child of William de Percy, by Joan Briwerre:
    i. ANASTASIA DE PERCY, married RALPH FITZ RANULPH, of Middleham, Yorkshire [see NEVILLE 8].
    Child of William de Percy, by Ellen de Balliol:
    i. HENRY DE PERCY, Knt. [see next].” - Record - 40001:185090569:
    - Yvonne Mary Thirkill - Thirkill Web Site

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Joscelin de Louvain, 1121-1180 Agnes de Percy 1134-1205  

Henry de Percy (Percy) 1160-1196 Isabel Bruce de Brus, de Bruce 1160-1230

William de Percy, 6th Baron Percy 1193-1245