(Berte Marie Bertha Marie Running)

  • Born 2 December 1846 - Mo, Elverum, Hedmark, Norway
  • Baptized 26 December 1846 - Elverum, Hedmark, Norway
  • Deceased 26 November 1916 - Albion, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, U.S.A.,aged 69 years old
  • Buried - Trinity of Norden Churchyard, Mondovi, Trempeau, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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Individual Note

Berte¹s godparents were Halsten Gunderson Dammen, Halvor Pederson Løkke, Martinus Ammunsen Saateraasen, Anne Hansdatter
Dammen and Anne Gudbrandsdatter Mo.

Her birth farm Mo is No. 151 on the Norway Farm list. (Moe is a spelling variation)

The 1865 Norwegian census has her working on the Ole Larson farm in Høimoen. Her brother Severin is working on the same farm as a hired man.

A year later Berte married Erik Gulbrandson and they had a daughter, Emma.

In 1872 she married for a second time to Anders Anderson and they begin a family. What happened to Erik is not known. Emma appears to have been adopted by Anders.

In 1883 her husband Anders emigrated. Three years later, in 1886, Berte and her children joined him in Wisconsin.

At that time her given name changed from the Norwegian Berte to the American Bertha.

The 1900 U.S. census indicates Bertha is the mother of nine children, eight of whom were living. To date (December 2001)
eight of the nine have been identified. The missing child was most likely from her first marriage and died in infancy in Norway.

Following the 1907 death of her second husband Andrew, she continued to live in North Dakota.

In 1916, accompanied by her son John and daughter-in-law Hannah, she was in Wisconsin on a family visit - two and
possibly three of her children were Wisconsin residents - when she unexpectedly died.

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