Marie Agathe

  • sosa BABEL ca 1774, daughter of Antoine and Marie Françoise MIGUET, married to Jean Nicolas MOREL in 1791
  • CHACHAY 1769-1838, daughter of Joseph and Agathe BERTRAND, married to Jean François HOUVION in 1797
  • COLIN 1803-1880, daughter of Blaise and Marie Anne LECLERC, married to Nicolas SAINT-DIZIER in 1826
  • DIDIERLAURENT 1825-1907, daughter of Jean Claude and Marie HARTEMENT (HARTMANN), married to Prix GÉRARD in 1847
  • GEHIN 1812-1883, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie- Thérèse GEHIN, married to Jean Nicolas VALDENAIRE in 1830
  • GEHIN 1780-, married to Joseph Claude VALDENAIRE in 1807
  • GEHIN 1774-, daughter of Claude and Marie Agathe THOMAS, married to Claude BLAISE in 1808
  • THOMAS , married to Claude GEHIN