Sosa : 15
  • Born 1 October 1884 - London, Ontario
  • Deceased 17 September 1968 - Glengarry Private Hospital, 1780 Fairfield Rd., Victoria, BC, aged 83 years old
  • Buried in 1968 - Victoria, BC


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Individual Note

NOTE:A)Family story said (in a disaproving way) that David Cambie was a gay batchelor about Vancouver, BC, when he courted the pretty and petite Mary Sophia Moore who was the sister of Quita March Nichol, the wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of BC at the time in the 1920's. David and Mary married amidt much social and family disaproval in 1907 and had three daughters, Virginia, Norah, and Joan in short order. The marriage failed badly (he drank) so Mary and her three daughters moved to Los Angeles, California, and worked in clerical jobs to support herself and her little family. It is reported that Mary was a good pianist and gave recitals.

B)I notice on the 1901 census that a Julia is listed as a 'wife' of Walter Nichol, journalist, who was born in 1866 according to the census. 'Julia' is listed as born on 12th of September, 1884. Maybe this is Mary March Moore also b. 1884 who was said to have joined her sister, Quita, in Vancouver, BC, and from there she married David Cambie. I've looked for a Julia Moore in the BC Vital Records but no luck.

C) I believe this 'Cynthia' was the mother of Walter Nichol. Her maiden name was Cynthia Ballard.

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  • Spouse: - Marriage Certificate;PAGE Registration number: 1907-09-05811;DATA;TEXT Registration number: 1907-09-05811;CONT BC Archives Microfilm # B 11374 ;CONT ;CONT GSU Microfilm # 1983702

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Captain John H. Moore 1782-   Jane Painter   John Lytoatt Halton   X Emma
| | | |

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Charles Greenwood Moore 1818-1886   Francis Josephine Halton 1842-1906
| |

Mary Sophia March Moore 1884-1968

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