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This Geneanet member is deceased but their Geneanet Family Tree is still available by request of their family.


  • AUMONIER 1869-, son of Jean and Benoite Marie AUPOIL
  • BAUJARD 1715-1784, son of Claude Marie and Marie CHAROLLOIS, married to Jeanne DUVERNE, Marie ROLLET
  • BAUJARD 1681-1695, son of Louis and Pierrette GIRARDOT
  • BELNAND, son of X ??
  • BONNETAIN, with Pierrette AUPOIL
  • CORTET 1888-1969, married to Françoise (Francine) BAUJARD in 1919
  • sosa CORTET, with Marie ESEAL
  • FARGEOT, with Antoinette CHAMBONNIER
  • FAVRIN 1793-, son of Michel and Françoise BLANC PATRICAZ, with Claudine FAVRIN
  • FEHR, married to Suzanne SCHEURER in 1659
  • JAMBON, married to Marie Joséphine GUIGUE in 1930
  • MILLERET 1889-, son of Antoine and Claudine REY, with Marguerite Dite Maria Maria BORDE
  • sosa PAGNY 1719-1766, with Marie L'HENRY
  • REIGNIER 1914-1989, son of Etienne and Antoinette GIROUX
  • REIGNIER 1880-1881, son of Jean and Jeanne NUGUE
  • sosa REIGNIER 1870-1902, son of Pierre and Etiennette DUMONT, married to Antoinette AUMONIER in 1895
  • sosa REIGNIER 1838-, son of Jean and Jeanne Marie RIBBE, married to Etiennette DUMONT in 1866
  • REIGNIER 1816-1887, son of Louis and Jeanne CHAMPLON (CHAMPLON), married to Monique COPERET in 1841
  • REIGNIER, with Etiennette DUMONT
  • sosa RIBBE, with Jeanne DEBARNOT
  • ROUSSEY 1919-2003, married to x x in 1943, x x
  • SIGRIST, married to Marthe ORTLIEB in 1704
  • TREBOZ, with Marie Josephte BOURDON
  • VENTURI, with Aimable PICCI