Maria Célina

  • ACHER 1854, daughter of Eugène Magloire and Marie Céline LEMARCHAND, married to Gustave Séraphin TAUVEL in 1890
  • BOUCHE 1851, daughter of Charles Fidel and Laure Charlotte DELAHAYE, married to Jean CASTELLE in 1872
  • BRUMENT - LEBRUMENT 1859, daughter of Nicolas Marcellin and Elise Victoire LEFEBVRE
  • COUSSIN 1861, daughter of Jean Cyprien and Stéphanie Julie BERTRAND, married to Alexandre Amédée CANTREL in 1881
  • DEPITRE 1862-1887, daughter of Louis Léon Alvéris and Marie Célina Eulalie REVERT, married to Sénateur Lucien LECLERC in 1882
  • FAUVEL 1847, daughter of Alexandre Napoléon and Henriette Joséphine MOLAY, married to Paul Pierre SAUSSAYE in 1884
  • GOVAIN 1839, daughter of Louis Fabien and Marie Claire Clémence VARIN, married to Ferdinand Edmond Sénateur MARIDOR in 1862
  • MOLLET - MOLET 1839-1840, daughter of François Isidore and Justine Désirée LEMETEIL