• A
    • Anderson 1585-1635 Richard Sr "The Immigrant"
    • Austin 1848-1848, son of Stephen Blevins "Bloom", Confederate Veteran, Mason and Mary Ann Chester.
  • B
    • Barrow 1580-1618, married to Temperance Lady Yeardly Flowerdew.
    • Bates 1796-1867 Richard Jr
    • Bates 1745-1746, son of Michael B and Anna Catharina "Catherine" Schuler.
    • Bates, Sr 1761-1811, son of Andrew A Sr Bates and Elizabeth Ann Green, married to Elizabeth Jane Weathersbee in 1784.
    • Beauchamp 1380-1439 Richard 13th Earl of Warwick KG
    • Blackiston 1647-, son of John "The Regicide" Mayor of Newcastle, Prominent Mercer, Coal Merchant, Puritan & Anti-Episcopalian Blakiston and Susan Harrison Chambers.
    • Bland †1720, with Elizabeth Randolph.
    • Blencowe, son of Anthony and Winifred Sutton (Dudley), with Apollonia Tolson.
    • Blount, son of Thomas and Catherine Clifton, with Dorothy Delaford.
    • Bowes †1558, son of Sir Ralph and Margery Dame Margery Conyers, with Elizabeth Protestant exile, and a follower of John Knox Aske.
    • Brand 1872-1880, son of Henry Robert and Susan Henrietta Cavendish.
    • Braose (Breuse) (de) 1232-1292 Richard Lord of Stinton Manor
    • Brewes (Breuse, Brewes, Brehuse, Briouze, Brewose; Braose) (de) †/1296, son of William 1st Baron Braose, Lord of Gower, Lord of Bramber and Mary daughter of Robert de Ros de Ros.
    • Brown Richard Younger of Hartree
    • Bryant, son of James Namon and Bersha Leola "Berchie" Wix.
    • Bulkeley, son of Peter Reverend and Grace Chetwode.
    • Burton 1618-, son of Richard and Katherine Christian.
    • Burton 1580-1660, son of Francis and Katherine Valentine, married to Katherine Christian.
    • Bush 1767-1828 Richard IV
    • Bush ca 1725-1803 Richard III
    • Bush 1675-1736/ Richard II
    • Bush ca 1655-1700, son of John and Martha ?, married to Elizabeth Bibby in 1706.
    • Butler of Kilcash 1615-1701, son of Thomas (Tomás Dubh de Buitléir, Iarla Urmhamhan) 10th Earl of Ormonde, 3rd Earl of Ossory, Viscount Thurles, KG Butler and Elizabeth Poyntz, with Lady Frances Touchet.
  • C
  • D
    • De Sutton, son of Sir Edmund of Dudley Sutton and Joyce Tiptoft.
    • Drake of Esher 1535-1603 Richard MP; JP; Equerry of the Stable and Groom of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth I
  • E
    • Eltonhead 1580-1664, son of William and Anne Bowers, with Anne Sutton.
    • Eltonhead, with Jennet Gerard.
  • F
    • Filmer 1605-1629, son of Sir Edward I Fylmer and Dame Elizabeth Countess of Kent Argall.
    • FitzAlan 1306-1376 Richard 10th Earl of Arundel and 8th Earl of Surrey
    • FitzAlan 1266-1301 Richard 8th Earl of Arundel
    • FitzAlan (D' Arundel) 1366-1419, son of John 1st Baron Arundel; Lord Marshal and Eleanor Maltravers (Mautravers), father of Joan.
    • FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel and 9th Earl of Surrey, KG 1346-1397, son of Richard 10th Earl of Arundel and 8th Earl of Surrey FitzAlan and Eleanor Plantagenent, of Lancaster, Countess of Arundel, with Philippa Lancaster, Plantagenet, Elizabeth de Bohun.
    • FitzHugh 1457- Richard 6th Baron Fitzhugh of Ravensworth
    • FitzJohn of Shere †1297, son of John FitzGeoffrey, Lord of Shere and Justiciar of Ireland and Lady Isabel of Shere Bigod, Countess of Essex.
    • FitzRoy 1190-1246 Richard alias Richard de Chilham and Richard de Dover
    • Floyd ca 1871-, son of Andrew J Confederate Veteran and Mary Ann Elizabeth "Eliza" Lyle.
    • Folger 1698-1782, son of John and Mary Barnard.
    • Fotch ca 1769-ca 1769 Richard Fudge/
  • G
    • Gaines 1660-1755, married to Catherine Dorothy Rawlins.
    • Galloway 1815-, son of Robert River boat Captain & Continental Private in Proctor's Artillery and Margaret Ann Sellers.
    • Gerard 1613-1686, child of Sir Thomas "John" 2nd Baronet Gerard of Bryn and Frances Molineux (Molyneaux).
    • Gregory 1695-1765, with Margaretha Bixby.
    • Grey 1481-1524 Richard 3rd Earl of Kent, KG
    • Grey Richard 12th Baron Grey of Wilton
  • H
    • Hagelin, child of Richard Henry US Army WWII and Sara Woodville Campbell.
    • Hankford 1397-1430 Richard II
    • Harding, with Elizabeth Harbottle.
    • Harrell 1675-1711, son of Richard Charles and Maria Lady Mary Beckford.
    • Harrison 1549-, son of Elizabeth Wheeler.
    • Hastings, Baron Welles, son of Sir Leonard Hastings and Alice de Camoys.
    • Henry 1792-1793, son of Patrick Governor and Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge.
    • Herbert of Ewys 1442-1510, child of William "Black William" KG Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Anne Devereux.
    • Holland (de), son of Thomas de Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent, 3rd Baron Holand KG and Lady Alice Fitzalan, Countess of Kent.
  • K
    • Knollys 1548-1596, child of Sir Francis Knight, KG; , Treasurer of the Houshold to Elizabeth I; Master of the Horse to Prince Edward and Catherine chief Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth I, Lady Knollys Cary.
  • L
    • Lancaster (of) Richard illegitimate son of John of Lancaster
    • Lane, with Elizabeth Vincent.
    • Lee 1644-1714 Richard II
    • Leke ca 1656-1687, son of Nicholas Leake and Frances Countess of Scarsdale Rich.
    • Lester, with Eloise Eubanks.
    • Longespée, canon of Salisbury, son of William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury and Ela of Salisbury, 3rd Countess of Salisbury.
  • M
    • Malone, son of Allie L "Jr" and Fannie Mae Hendrix.
    • Moore 1614-ca 1696 Richard More/ Mayflower Passenger
    • Mortimer, with Joan Butler.
    • Morton, with Cecily Charlton.
  • N
    • Nelson 1694-1724, with Anne Booker.
    • Nevill /1439-/1476, son of Edward de facto 3rd (de jure 1st) Baron Bergavenny Neville and Elizabeth de Beauchamp.
    • Neville 1468-1530 Richard KB; 2nd Baron Latimer of Snape
    • Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury jure uxoris, 7th and 4th Baron Montacute 1400-1460, son of Sir Ralph Earl of Salisbury, Westmoreland, and co-Regent of England de Neville and Joan Countess of Westmorland Beaufort de Lancaster, married to Alice Montacute, suo jure 5th Countess of Salisbury, 6th Baroness Monthermer, and 7th and 4th Baroness Montagu.
    • Neville, Earl of Warwick, Earl of Salisbury (de) 1428-1471, daughter of Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury jure uxoris, 7th and 4th Baron Montacute and Alice Montacute, suo jure 5th Countess of Salisbury, 6th Baroness Monthermer, and 7th and 4th Baroness Montagu.
    • Normandy (of) 1054-1075, son of William the Conqueror of Normandy, King of England and Matilda (Machteld, Maud) of Flanders, Queen of England, Duchess of Normandy.
  • P
    • Penebruge, with Isabel de Cantelupe.
    • Percy, son of Henry 8th Earl of Northumberland, 2nd Baron Percy and Katherine Neville.
    • Percy, son of Sir Thomas participant in the 1537 Bigod's Rebellion and Eleanor Harbottle.
    • Plantagenent 1209-1272 Richard High Sheriff of Berkshire, Count of Poitou, Earl of Cornwall; King of Germany
    • Plantagenent, son of Richard High Sheriff of Berkshire, Count of Poitou, Earl of Cornwall; King of Germany and Joan de Valletort.
    • Pollard, with Mary Or Martha Fleming.
    • Prescott †ca 1603, son of William and Mary Smith Baker.
  • R
    • Randolph 1621-1678, son of William Randall/ and Dorothy Lane, with Elizabeth Ryland.
    • Rich 1496-1567 Richard 1st Baron Rich, Lord Chancellor for Edward VI
    • Ros (de) Richard esquire
    • Ros (de), son of William 6th Baron de Ros and Margaret Fitzalan (Arundel).
    • Rowdon Richard Sheriff of Gloucestershire
    • Rutland 1809-1873, son of James and Elizabeth Parker.
  • S
    • Salerno (of) 1060-1114, with Name Unknown (Possibly Altrude) x.
    • Sandes (de) ca 1320-, son of Richard, father of Robert.
    • Sandes (de) ca 1290-, father of Richard.
    • Saunders 1452-1480, son of William and Joan Carew.
    • Scott, with Catherine Marbury.
    • Scrope Richard 3rd Baron Scrope of Bolton
    • Sergeaux 1376-1396, son of Sir Richard Knight and Philippa de Arundel.
    • Skepper, with Joan Ledgard.
    • Stafford 1755-1808 Richard Jacobite pamphleteer
    • Stanhope †1529, son of Sir Edward and Adelina Clifton.
  • T
    • Talbot 1305-1356 Richard 2nd Baron Talbot; KB
    • Talbot, son of George 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, 4th Earl of Waterford, KG, KB, PC and Anne lady-in-waiting to Queen consort Catherine of Aragon, Countess of Shrewsbury Hastings.
    • Taverner of Woodeaton †1575 Richard Clerk of the Signet to Edward VI
    • Tomlinson 1765-1782, son of William Henry Tomlinson (Tomerlin) and Mildred Watts.
    • Tuke 1450-, married to Agnes Bland in 1474.
  • W
    • Wake Richard esquire
    • Wallace 1706-, son of Mathew Mathias and Sarah Alexander.
    • Waller 1632-, son of Sir William and Jane Reynell.
    • Welles 1428-1470 Richard 7th Baron Welles
    • Wenman 1573-1640 Richard 1st Viscount Wenman
    • Williams Cromwell, son of Earl Henry Williams The Golden Knight Cromwell and Joan De Warren.
    • Windebank, with Margaret ap Griffith.
    • Wingfield 1469-1525 Richard KG of Kimbolton Castle
    • Woodville (Wydeville) 1453-1491 Richard 3rd Earl Rivers
    • Woodville (Wydeville) 1405-1469 Richard KG, 1st Earl Rivers
    • Wright 1608-1691, son of Rev. Richard and Frances Blithman.
    • Wright 1547-, with Agneta Wright.
    • Wrottesley, with Dorothy Sutton.
  • Z
  • l

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