Marie Madeleine

  • ALY, daughter of Pierre Jacques and Madeleine COLART, married to Jacques DUCHESNE in 1722.
  • BARON, married to Pierre2 MAILLET.
  • BESNARD †1761, daughter of Michel and Perrine LEFEBVRE, married to Pierre LES BAUDY in 1739.
  • BRUNET, daughter of Claude and Magdeleine LELOUP, married to Claude HURPEAU in 1761.
  • CREVEL, daughter of Jacques and Geneviève HARDOUIN, married to Nicolas Daniel BERTIN in 1723, Pierre Jacques BAILLET in 1736.
  • FOURRE, daughter of Edmé and Suzanne GUYARD, married to Louis BOURDELET in 1727.
  • HOULET, daughter of Estienne and Marie Anne DESPRES, married to François Désiré Prosper VERMEIL in 1785.
  • HURPEAU, daughter of Claude and Marie Madeleine BRUNET, married to Antoine JOIGNEAU in 1790.
  • LAINE, daughter of Louis and Madeleine TUVEE, married to Daniel BERTIN in 1686.