• sosa Jean, married to Michelle Le COMPAGNON in 1704.
  • sosa Jean Marie Victor 1844-1883, son of Jean Pierre Louis and Victoire Félicité COQUEREL, married to Emilie Blanche Constance REVERT in 1877.
  • sosa Jean Pierre 1779-1852, son of Pierre and Madeleine DELANOE, married to Marie Perinne Modeste JOUENNE.
  • sosa Jean Pierre Louis 1815-1886, son of Jean Pierre and Marie Perinne Modeste JOUENNE, married to Victoire Félicité COQUEREL in 1843.
  • sosa Marie Léonie Jeanne 1878-1963, daughter of Jean Marie Victor and Emilie Blanche Constance REVERT, married to Camille Jean Baptiste Noel DIGARD in 1899.
  • sosa Pierre, son of Jean and Michelle Le COMPAGNON, married to Gilette De GUETTE in 1746.
  • sosa Pierre, son of Pierre and Gilette De GUETTE, married to Madeleine DELANOE in 1776.