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Jim Orrell and Susan Orrell (nee Lyon)

 Our FAMILY TREE is now here (no living details, so ask if you want what I have, data protection and all that): , it may ask you to register after a while (free and easy).

OR you can login with username: jimorrellguest, password: jimorrellguest

<> Initial HELP for geneanet trees:

- you should EITHER see a tree diagram, OR click on "any of the names with a link" or one of the "most popular names"

or , at the top RH you can search for an individual(s).

- having selected an individual

The tabs upper LHS "Family Tree" and "Profile"

- "Family Tree" tab to show a family tree > Click on any name to "recentre" on that individual. On RHS it will also display some basic individual details.

- "Profile" tab - to get all the details (census etc) on the selected individual (very comprehensive).

- "Profile" tab - there are some options bottom R for more charts/trees options (opens in new browser tab, original tab still there), from there you can also create a PDF file to share/peruse/print.

- if after navigating elsewhere you "lose" the tree, just click on the above link again.

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