• Born before 21 September 1679 - Neuwied/Heddesdorf, Germany
  • Baptized in 1679
  • Deceased in 1762 - Dutchess Co.NY


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Individual Note

Wilhelm Simon was among the passangers on the Lion of Leith , the first of 11 Palatine ships arriving in America at th e New York harbor as evidenced by the list, hereunto attach ed:

The Palatine Project Georgia <../ga/index.html> New Engla nd <../ne/index.html> New York Nova Scotia <.. /ns/index.html> Pennsylvania <../pa/index.html> South Carol ina <../sc/index.html> Virginia <../va/index.html> List o f Services Co ntact Us Lin k to Us 1710 , First (Ship) List Captain: From: London Arrival: by 3 0 June 1710 This list is made up of the first 63 names lis ted on the 30 June 1710 subsistence list along with any wh o appear to have been part of their households.Hunter #Name , AgePlace of Origin (Town, Province)SourceRemarks (USA, Sp elling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)Caspar B rendel Ulrich Ingold Henrich Meyer Heinrich Conrad Walrat h Johann Martin Matheus Zacharias Flügler Hartmann Wendeke r Friederich Rauch Anna Conrad Balthasar Reich Anna Cathari na Batz Susanna Baur Johannes Horn Michael Wegele Johanne s Hetterich Johann Jost Hayd Maria Elisabeth Schäffer Heinr ich Conrad Wilhelm Schäff Albrecht Friederich Marterstok An dreas Weidknecht Ludwig Knab Peter Lampman Johann Georg Stu mpff Johann Conrad Martin Paulus Reitschuff Johannes Späde r Johann Friederich Gondermann Anna Maria Hartmann Maria Cu nigunda Hayd Matheus Gundy Johann Georg Mauser Johann Pete r Kneskern Anna Margretha Göbel Conrad Hamm Johannes Lenke r Magdalena Schawer Sophia Boll Lorentz Däther Peter Hamm P hilipp Peter Heinrich Glock Heinrich Reuther Niclaus Rauc h Philipp Müller Maria Elisabeth Nelles Jacob Kobel Johan n Hermann Spichermann Heinrich Weber Elisabeth Becker Jaco b Warno Anna Catharina Batt Heinrich Widerwachs Johannes Ro hrbach ** *****Wilhelm Simon ***************************** ***************Maria Elisabeth Engel Peter Jamm Johann Pau l Deubig Jacob Dörner Valentin Weber Abraham Langer Magdale na Streith Adam Härttel

The Palatine Project Background of 1709/1710 Group Amon g the first Dutch and Swedes that settled New York and Dela ware in the 17th century were several Germans. Also durin g the late 17th century many of the first Germans to German town, Pennsylvania came through the port of New York and tr aveled overland 2-3 days to get to Pennsylvania. The firs t large group of Germans to North America after the initia l Germantown colony was the large exodus of Germans in 1709 -1710 to New York. These emigrants began arriving in Englan d in May 1709. Conditions in London and Rotterdam were no t good because of the large numbers of emigrants that had t o be provided for. Some returned to their homes (includin g all the Catholics), went on to other parts of England o r Ireland (821 families, see, The Palatine Families of Irel and ), North Carolin a (840 families, 650 going to the New Bern settlement), an d West Indies. Of the 13,000 Germans who reached London i n 1709, about a quarter of these continued on to New York . Most of the Palatines for New York began boarding ship s in Dec 1709, but did not leave England until April 1710 . About 3,100 emigrants sailed on 11 ships to New York an d were accompanied by the Governor-Elect Hunter. About 47 0 Germans perished on the voyage and another 250 after land ing. An estimated 2,500 disease-laden emigrants had to be p rovided for in New York. In 1723, 60 families from the Sch oharie Valley and surrounding regions of New York, most des cendants of the 1710 group, emigrated to the southwest to T ulpehocken, Pennsylvania. A second group joined them in 172 9 and founded Womelsdorf. Main Sources The families tha t settled in New York in 1710 have been the focus of a gene alogical study of Henry Z Jones over the space of many years and his findings have been p ublished in several volumes (the first volumes published i n 1985 include the origin of 500 of the 847 individuals/fam ilies): The Palatine Families of New York, 1710 . Universal City, CA: Henry Z Jone s, Jr., 1985. 2 vols.More Palatine Families: Some Immigrants to the Middle Colo nies 1717-1776 and their European Origins Plus New Discover ies on German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York i n 1710. Universal City, CA: Henry Z Jones, Jr., 1991.Even M ore Palatine Families: 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Th eir German, Swiss, and Austrian Origins. Rockport, Maine: P icton Press, 2002. 3 vols. (Co-author Lewis Bunker Rohrbach . This book includes Rotterdam Sailing Lists of 1709, Londo n arrival lists, Hunter NY Subsistence Lists and many othe r sources in their original form, which have never been pre viously published.)Reconstructed Ship Lists From experienc e in the other colonies, such as Nova Scotia, the earlies t subsistence lists (especially when unindexed) were take n directly from the passenger lists and emigrants were list ed in the same order. With this in mind the Hunter Subsiste nce Lists have been used to compile these reconstructed pas senger lists. Since there were 847 individuals/families i n these lists and 11 ships, that would mean there were abou t 77 of these names per ship. Some ships probably had mor e and some less, due to sicknesses and deaths on board. Th e names of the 11 ships, captains, date of arrival, and lis tmaster was apparently discovered by Philip Otterness at th e end of the Albany Deed Book #13 (1736-1739). The listmast er was apparently a member of the German passengers on th e ship who was assigned to keep up the ship list. This lis t was apparently published in the 3rd Printing of Palatin e Families of New York. If anyone has a copy of this book o r can make a copy of the original manuscript, I would ver y much like to add it here. From notations in Even More Pal atine Families, I have put together the following incomplet e list: ArrivalShip NameCaptainListmaster13 Jun 1710Lyon o f KeithAlexander StevensonHans Peter Kneskern (389)14 Jun 1 710FameWalter HouxtonJohann Adolph Arthopoeus (5)14 Jun 171 0BaltimoreBartholomew WhitehorneJohann Philipp Fuchs (219)1 4 Jun 1710Tower FrigateEdward BennettJohann Quirinus Neythä ber (552)16 Jun 1710HartwellJeremiah TurnerChristian Wormb s (831)16 Jun 1710James & ElizabethHenry GravenerJohann Chr istian Gerlach (231)16 Jun 1710MaryThomas RichardsonJohan n Christoph Kurtz (422)24 Jun 1710SarahAndrew Elston(?Joh . Georg) Schmidt (662)There is evidence from other subsiste nce lists that the emigrants in the earliest lists were oft en listed in the same order as they were on the passenger l ists (e.g. Nova Scotia & New England). This order also ofte n gives clues of the origins of the passengers as passenger s from the same parts of Germany may have been listed toget her. Since the emigrants had traveled on ships from Hollan d to London, where they waited some time, the order of emig rants may have been more scrambled by the time they left En gland for New York from their original emigration groups. O n the other hand, a careful studying the Hunter lists lead s to the idea that the names are listed roughly chronologic ally in the order of their arrival at New York. Yet it is h oped that by splitting up the reconstructed passenger list s this way it will not only reflect a pretty good guess o f passengers who may have traveled together but also provid e additional clues for place of origin for those who have n ot yet been identified. Trying to keep the names of emigra nts enlisted in the various subsistence lists together on t he same ship, the names were divided up with between 60-9 0 names on each. It is expected that division of immigrant s into ships will be adjusted and other corrections will b e made as all the rest of the ship lists are compiled. Ther e are certainly plenty of guess work and mistakes or omissi ons in these reconstructed lists, however they offer a ne w analysis tool and can be corrected as time goes on. If yo u have thoughts or corrections, please submit them to thi s site. With time there may be additional clues to help rev ise these lists more accurately. It is interesting that th e abovementioned list masters are listed fairly evenly spac ed throughout the Hunter subsistence lists, also giving cre dence to the idea that these lists were based on originall y passenger lists. With this in mind the name of the ship m ost likely corresponding to the reconstructed list and dat e of arrival are added in parenthesis below. The number o n the last Hunter list which were used in Hank Jones' book s are used as reference numbers on these lists.#NamesRecons tructed (Ship) ListArrival in New York by63First (Lyon of K eith)30 Jun 1710 (13 Jun 1710)62Second30 Jun 171075Third <1 710third.htm> (Fame)1 Jul 1710 (14 Jun 1710)76Fourth (Balti more)1 Jul 1710 (14 Jun 1710)76Fifth (Hartwell)1 Jul 1710 ( 16 Jun 1710)60Sixth <1710sixth.htm> (James & Elizabeth)4 Ju l 1710 (16 Jun 1710)62Seventh (Tower Frigate)4 Jul 1710 (1 4 Jun 1710)63Eighth4 Jul 1710(127)Ninth (?Mary)4 Aug 1710 ( 16 Jun 1710)(78)Tenth (Sarah)4 Oct 1710 (24 Jun 1710)(78)El eventh4 Oct 1710 New York Passenger Lists 1717-1776 Beside s the original 11 ships, there were other ships that brough t Germans to New York and New Jersey from 1717-1776. The sh ips and immigrants that came during this time period need t o be identified and added to this site. Those with any clue s or information about the ships and possible lists that ca n be used as a basis for the reconstruction of these passen ger lists are welcome to give their feedback. No ship list s have been reconstructed yet for New York, but if/when the y are they will be linked to this page. Later ships have ye t to be identified and the following list will need a lot o f work, but represents a start:Ship NameDate of ArrivalCapt . Godfrey's ShipSep 1717(Pink from Harwich)29 Oct 17222 Shi ps: Strange & Johanna11 Sep 1726..

  • ********************************************************** *************SECTION 2

    Descendants of Johannes Wilhelm Simon

    Generation No. 1

    1. JOHANNES WILHELM SIMON was born Bef. September 21, 167 9 in Niewied,
    Heddesdorf, Germany, and died 1762 in Dutchess Co. N.Y. USA . He married (1) ?
    Bef. 1710. He married (2) ANNA MARIA MULLER July 27, 1710 i n Neuburg
    Commune, New York, USA.
    Taken from "The Palatine Families of New York" by Henry Z . Jones, Jr. Universal
    City, California 1985.

    "Wilhelm Simon (HunterLists #722) Johann Wilhelm Simon, wid ower of Neu
    Wied, md. Anna Maria, wid/o Johann Georg Muller of Mastenba ch in the
    commune Neuburg, July 27, 1710 (West Camp Luth. Chbk.) Th e family then
    originated near 5450 "Neuwied", but so far nothing on the e migrant has been
    found there or in the overall area nearby (HJ). The ancestr y of Anna Maria Muller
    Simon is set forth in section #538.
    (Anna Maria's maiden name may be Sterner, the daughter of M ichael Sterner &
    Anna Besserer)

    Johannes was baptized 1679.

    Wilhelm Simon made his initial appearance on the Hunter lis ts 30 June 1710 with
    1 pers. over 10 yrs. and 1 pers. under 10 yrs. of age. Th e family was recorded with
    2 pers. over 10 years and 1 pers. under 10 yrs. on 4, Oct . 1710 and then with 2
    over 10 and 2 under 10 yrs, of age 25 March 1712.
    A certificate regarding Wilhelm Simon was on the roll of th e independent
    Companie of the Manner of Livingston 30 Nov. 1715 (Report o f the State
    Historian, Vol. 1, p. 522). Johan Wm. Siemon was nat. 17 Ja n. 1715/16 (Albany
    Nats.). Wilhelm Simon and wife and ch. was listed ca. 1716/ 17 at Hunterston
    (Simmendinger Register). Jno. Wm. Simon was a freeholder o f the Northpart
    Livingston in 1720 (Albany Co. Freeholders). Jan W. Simon w as a Palatine Debtor
    in 1718, 1719,1721, and 1722 (Livingston debt lists). He ap peared on tax rolls
    beginning in 1722 and continued in the North Ward/ Rhinebec k area until June
    1762 (Dutchess Co. Tax Lists)."

    Notes for ANNA MARIA MULLER:
    Baptized 1685 Massenbach, Germany

    Fact 8: Widow of Johann George Muller of Mastenbach
    Spns.: West Camp Luth. Chbk

    Child of JOHANNES SIMON and ? is:

  • ' CATHARINA2 SIMON, b. Bef. 1710; m. JACOB
    KOHL, February 28, 1723/24; b. Unknown; d.
    More About JACOB KOHL:
    Aka.: Cool Etc.

    Children of JOHANNES SIMON and ANNA MULLER are:


    CATHERINA2 SIMON, b. Abt. 1710, West Camp,
    New York; m. JACOB KOHL, February 28, 1723/24,
    Kingston, New York.

    JOHANN ULRICH SIMON, b. Abt. 1711, Prussia;

    Bap.: Oct. 26, 1711
    Spns.: Ulrich Bernhard & Eleanora w/o David
    Src.: West Camp Luth. Chbk.

    2. iv. BALTHASAR SIMON, b. Abt. 1713; d. Unknown,
    Rhinebecck, Dutchess Co., New York; d. Unknown.
    4. vi. BALTHAZAR SIMON, b. Abt. 1716, Taar Boss,
    Manorton, New York; d. 1790, Rhinebeck,
    Dutchess Co. NY.
    5. vii. MICHAEL SIMON, b. 1716, West Camp, New York;
    d. Unknown, Rhinebecck, Dutchess Co., New York,
    viii. ANNA ELISABETHA SIMON, b. June 09, 1716,
    West Camp, New York; m. JOHANNES RIICHTER.
    Bap.: June 09, 1716
    Spns.: David Kistler & Anna Elisabetha Schmid
    Src.: West Camp Luth. Chbk.

    6, ix. JOHANN PETER SIMON, b. November 1721, Taar
    Boss, Manorton, New York; d. Unknown.
    7, x. JACOB SIMON, b. 1723, Taar Boss, Manorton, New
    York;d. Abt. 1800.
    8, xi. ALBERTUS SIMON, b. 1723, (Born 1730?); d.

    9. xii. HENRICH SIMON, b. 1729, Taar Boss, Manorton,
    New York; d. Aft. 1808, Murray Twp.
    Northumberland Co. Ont.
    xiii. ANNA SIMON, b. 1731..

Family Note

Marriage with Anna Maria STERNER-MULLER:

_ATTR: From the Kocherthal Records Marriage

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