Marie Françoise, Marie-Françoise


  • (
    • (de)GENTIL 1712-, daughter of Seguin GENTIL and Henriette MICHEL, married to Henri de BRETINAULT in 1742.
  • A
    • ALLARD de la RESNIÈRE †1809, daughter of Jean Jacques and Marie Anne BRUNEAU, married to Hippolyte Charles Jean-Baptiste THIBAUDEAU in 1783.
    • ARPIN 1763, daughter of Pierre and Marie Marthe Elisabeth SOULLARD.
    • AUBRIT ca 1719-1746, daughter of François and Marie AUGER, married to Louis Salomon JULLIOT in 1739.
    • AUDIERE †1729, daughter of Gabriel, married to Abraham COMMON in 1717.
  • B
    • BABIN ca 1734-1758, daughter of Jean and Françoise BAGE, married to Pierre Emery DELAVAU in 1755.
    • BACHELIER 1777, daughter of Jacob and Marie Anne de FORNEL, married to François DUSOUIL in 1792, Jacques BAILLOUX in 1811.
    • BARBOT, daughter of Jean and Françoise Angélique BINEL, married to Nicolas VALLANTIN de MONTBRUN in 1786.
    • BAUDY 1737-, daughter of René Jean and Marie Alix FAULCON.
    • BERNIER 1692-1692, daughter of André and Jeanne PAILLOU.
    • BERNIER †1702/, daughter of Etienne and Perrinne NAIRAUDEAU, married to Nicolas JOUYNEAU.
    • BERNON (de) 1744-1785, daughter of Henri Frédéric and Marie Louise JALLAIS.
    • BERTHELOT, daughter of Mathieu and Marie Françoise BOUTEVILLE.
    • BILLAUD ca 1669-1717, daughter of Henri and Louise GIRAUD, married to Jean GARIPAUD in 1689.
    • BION ca 1714, daughter of Jean de Dieu and Marie TEILLÉ, married to Jean Alexis PALUSTRE in 1733.
    • BLANDIN, married to Pierre BOISSEAU.
    • BODIOU 1858-1909, married to Gustave Raoul Fernand SARRAZIN in 1881.
    • BOIS JOLY 1736-, daughter of Mathurin LOISILLON de BOIS JOLY and Marie Françoise LEMIRE, married to Pierre GIRAUD in 1757.
    • BORGLETEAU 1759-, daughter of Nicolas and Louise BOUCHEREAU, married to François GIRARD in 1784.
    • BORION 1750-, daughter of Pierre and Marie Françoise GENNET.
    • BOUHEREAU 1679-1727, daughter of Etienne and Marie MOREAU, married to André Bernard GARIPAUD in 1713.
    • BOURIE †1808/, daughter of René and Françoise de LHOMMEAU, married to Jacques Nicolas DANIEL LACOMBE.
    • BOURNONVILLE (de) 1656-1748, daughter of Ambroise François and Lucrèce Françoise de la VIEUVILLE, married to Anne-Jules de NOAILLES.
    • BOUTEVILLE 1729, daughter of Pierre and Elisabeth Françoise BERNARD, married to Mathieu BERTHELOT in 1747.
    • BOUTHERON, married to Georges Charles VERRIERE.
    • BRAUD 1752, daughter of Pierre Jean Martin and Marie Marguerite BONNEAU.
    • BRAUDON 1772-, daughter of Jacques Augustin and Marie Gilette MERCIER.
  • C
    • CAILLEAU 1711-, daughter of Salomon and Catherine Marie GIRAUDEAU.
    • CHEVALLEREAU ca 1804-1804, daughter of François and Marie CHEVALLEREAU.
    • CHEVALLEREAU 1794-, daughter of Jean Jacques Marie and Marie Louise Thomas BEGAUD.
    • CHEVALLEREAU 1762-1810, daughter of Jean-François and Marie Françoise COLLARDEAU, married to Augustin ARTARIT in 1786.
    • CHOISNIN 1654, daughter of Jean and Marie OGERON.
    • COLLARDEAU 1734-1811, daughter of François and Marie Anne MACHEREAU, married to Jean-François CHEVALLEREAU in 1761.
    • COLLARDEAU 1723-1723, daughter of Julien and Madeleine (de) VERNÈDE.
  • D
    • DELAFITTE ca 1721-1741, married to Pierre Guillaume LORY in 1741.
    • DESMOULINS 1771-1839, daughter of François Marie and Marie Madeleine DANIEL LACOMBE, married to Philippe Alexandre LECOMTE in 1803.
    • DEZANNEAU 1849-, daughter of Charles Emile and Marie Léontine CHENAY, married to Henri ADMIRAULT in 1869.
    • DUCEPT 1782-, daughter of Jean and Suzanne PINEAU, married to René JULLIOT in 1813.
    • DUGUET 1729, daughter of Charles and Françoise Thérèse DANIEL (de LACOMBE).
    • DUTERTRE, daughter of Pierre and Françoise PORCHERON, married to Pierre GRABOT in 1720.
  • F
    • FAYOU 1795, daughter of Jean François and Henriette Charlotte Gabrielle GUICHET.
    • FERRY 1739-, married to Charles René PARENTEAU in 1764.
    • FOUCHER 1696-1700, daughter of Calixte and Françoise Elisabeth BRUNET.
    • FROMENTIN 1710-?1794, daughter of Daniel and Madeleine BARDIN, married to François Faustin ROUSSEAU in 1743.
  • G
    • GAUCHET 1725-1753, daughter of Charles and Anne MASSUYAU, married to Jean BARREAU in 1741.
    • GENDRON 1816, daughter of François and Marie ANGIBERT, married to Charles Jean Paul BAUDRY in 1834.
    • GENNET , daughter of François and Marie Thérèse MEUSNIER, married to Pierre BORION in 1750.
    • GIRARD 1755-1756, daughter of Jacques René and Marie Marquise JEULLIN.
    • GIRARD 1678, daughter of Jean and Françoise GUERINEAU.
    • GODEREAU 1744-1745, daughter of Gabriel and Jeanne Françoise ESPERON.
    • GODEREAU 1743-1743, daughter of Gabriel and Jeanne Françoise ESPERON.
    • sosa GODIN, daughter of Pierre and Suzanne MARTINEAU, married to Pierre TEXIER in 1768.
    • GOUET, married to Pierre BRILLOUET.
    • GOURDEAU ca 1713-1781, daughter of Husoiparmenion and Julie PYNIOT, married to Jean Gabriel DRAUD in 1745.
    • GRABOT 1710-1766, daughter of Pierre and Marie AMELIN, married to François CHASTENET in 1730.
    • GROLLEAU 1767-1767, daughter of Joseph Gilbert and Perrinne DORION.
    • GUESTAY ca 1723-1787, married to Paul MERLAND.
    • GUICHET 1786-1786, daughter of Louis Ozée and Renée BOURDET.
    • GUILLON, married to Louis de la BARRE.
  • J
    • JAMIN /1764-1807/, daughter of Jean and Françoise Ozée GUICHET, married to Jacques Jean VERDON in 1789.
  • L
    • LACLAU (de), married to Henri Louis JARRET de MONTCHENIN.
    • LE ROUGE de BEAUFEU 1708-1787, daughter of Jacques and Françoise LAMBERT, married to Paul Louis François Alexandre de SAMSON in 1741.
    • LEMIRE ca 1709-1756, daughter of François and Cécile FOY, married to Mathurin LOISILLON de BOIS JOLY in 1739.
  • M
    • MANGOU †1804, daughter of Louis and Renée ARNAULT, married to Louis François Henry Armand COYAUD.
    • MARILLET 1683-, daughter of Jérôme and Françoise LORY.
    • MARILLET 1682-, daughter of Jérôme and Françoise LORY.
    • MERIENNE ca 1668-1732, married to Pierre BERNIER.
    • MICHEAU 1716-1766, daughter of Mathurin and Françoise MERLAND, married to Charles BORION.
    • MILLET †1865, married to Pierre Gabriel ADMYRAULT in 1864.
    • MONTBAIL (de) 1734-, daughter of Charles Armand d' ELLENNE de MONTBAIL and Françoise RICHIER-GARNIER.
    • MOREAU 1717, daughter of Jean and Louise BAUDRY.
  • N
    • NEVEU 1736-, daughter of Maurice and Marie GRABOT.
  • P
    • PAPIN ca 1671-ca 1746, daughter of François and Jeanne DIVE, married to François Marie BRUNET in 1698.
    • PICHARD 1711-, daughter of René and Françoise GRIGNON.
    • PICHARD, daughter of Jean and Marie COLLIN, married to François SUYROT.
    • PORCHERON, married to Hilaire RAISON.
    • POUGNET 1775-1841, daughter of Pierre and Marie Elisabeth Anne MOREAU, married to Théodore Armand MORILLON in 1803.
  • Q
  • R
    • RABILLÉ, married to Marc Antoine SAVARY des FORGES.
    • RAFFENEAU 1774, daughter of Pierre Louis and Jeanne PELLERIN, married to Jean Baptiste SIRUGUE in 1799.
    • ROBIN ca 1734-1803, daughter of Charles Louis and Françoise Renée RAMPILLON, married to Gabriel Pierre Louis Marie BIROTHEAU in 1761.
    • ROFFE 1631-1705, daughter of Jean and Jeanne BOTTEREAU, married to Michel BAUDY in 1656.
  • S
    • SERVANT 1749-1816, daughter of François and Marie Anne Véronique DUBOIS, married to Louis PORCHÉ de la VALLÉE in 1777.
  • T
    • TESTU de BALINCOURT 1693, daughter of Henri and Marie Suzanne Thérèse de MASPARAULT, married to Benjamin MALLERAY in 1717.
    • TETRAULT, married to René GODU in 1723.
    • THOUMAZEAU †1800, married to Pierre Charles MORISSON.
    • TILLEUX, married to François FAYOU.
    • TOYON, married to Gabriel TEXEREAU.
  • V
    • VENDÉE (de) 1711-1753, daughter of Alexandre and Jeanne Ursule Thérèse FRADIN, married to Jean Jacques de LESMERIE in 1729.
    • VEXIAU ca 1768-1843, daughter of Charles and Louise Marie ROUSSE de la DAUNIÈRE, married to Jean André VIDAL.
    • VILLENEAU , daughter of Paul and Anne NEVEU, married to Pierre TREMBLE, François René LE ROY in 1772.
    • VILLENEAU †1762, daughter of Michel and Marie DROUET, married to Pierre CASSE.
  • l
    • la MAZIERE (de) , married to Charles Jacques DELAVILLE-BAUGÉ in 1769.
    • la VOYRIE (de) 1739-1741, daughter of Pierre Arthus and Jeanne Françoise MICHEAU.

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