• Patrick ca 1824-1847/, married to Clara Glenn Upshaw in 1847.
  • Starling 1870-1870/, son of Middleton and Minerva Jane Johnston.
  • Starling 1832-1900, son of Elisha and Elizabeth Upshaw, married to Minerva Jane Johnston in 1854.
  • Upshaw 1916-1963/, son of James Middleton and Clara B. Ramsey.
  • Upshaw 1817-1883, son of Forrester and Ann Faulkner, married to Susannah Berry in 1833, Margaret Elizabeth STEPP in 1860.
  • Upshaw ca 1808-1886, son of William and Demima (Mrs. William) Upshaw, married to Catherine Lucretia ("Lucy") Colquitt in 1830.
  • Upshaw 1799-/1834, son of John and Amy Gatewood.