• Born 20 October 1830 - Jackson Co, Illinois
  • Deceased 12 July 1912 - Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon,aged 81 years old
  • Buried - Abilene, Dickinson Co, Kansas


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On the side of George W. Upshaw 1805-1875


Individual Note

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census:[1850]Peoria Co. Illinois(source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other)

census:[1860]Webster Co, Missouri(source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other)

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2 CONC [Upshaw.FTW]

1. 1850 census, Peoria Co, IL: dwelling #439, family #447 (George W. Upshaw household): Franck(sic) Upshaw, age 18, b Ill; male, carpenter.

2. 1860 census, Webster Co, MO; Ozark Township, P.O. Marshfield, page 91, family #590: Francis L.(S.?) Upshaw, age 29, b TN (no profession listed, 0 real estate, $419 personal estate); Julia Upshaw, age 27, b Oh.; Virginia Upshaw, age 5, b Ill.; William Upshaw, age 3, b Ill.; Melinda Upshaw, age 1, b Ill.; Thos. J. Upshaw, age 13, b Ill.

3. 1870 census, Dickinson Co, Kansas, Newbern Twp., page 25, 17 June 1870, dwelling #5, family #5: Frank M. Upshaw, age 39, b. Tenn., farmer, $2,000 real estate, $1,670 personal estate; Julia B. Upshaw, age 38, keeping house, b. Ohio; Virginia Upshaw, age 15, b. Ill., attended school within the year; William L. Upshaw, age 13, b. Ill., attended school within the year; Melinda Upshaw, age 11, b. Ill., attended school within the year; Ida May Upshaw, age 9, b. Missouri, attended school within the year; George S. Upshaw, age 1/12, b. Kansas, b. in April.

4. 1880 census, Dickinson Co., Kansas, Abilene, Sixth St. North (Vol. 5, E.D. 66, sheet 44, line 6, dwelling #113): Frank Upshaw, age 49, b. TN-TN-TN; Mahala Upshaw, wife, age 52, b. NY-NY-NY; Malinda Upshaw, daughter, age 21, b. IL-TN-OH; Ida Upshaw, daughter, age 19, b. MO-TN-OH; Ralph J. Upshaw, son, age 11, b. Michigan-TN-OH; George Upshaw, son, age 10, b. KS-TN-OH.

5. 1900 census, Dickinson Co, Kansas, Abilene, North Buckeye Ave. (Vol. 15, E.D. 29, sheet 5, line 51): Francis Upshaw, age 70, b. Nov. 1829, TN; Ida M. Upshaw, daughter, age 39, b. Oct 1860 MO; George S. Upshaw, son, age 30, b. Apr 1870, KS; Edna B. Upshaw, daughter-in-law, age 24, b. Aug 1875, NE.

6. 1910 census, Oregon: there is no Soundex (or Miracode) index to the 1910 Oregon census; Francis M. Upshaw should be found in 1910 Multnomah Co., Oregon.


1. Mrs. Grace E. Jared, "They Met Challenges ... With Memoirs" (Ann Arbor, MI: Grace E. Heminger Jared, 1968), pp. 69, 70:
Francis Marion (Frank) Upshaw, their first son (of George W. & Mary Malinda (Greenwood) Upshaw) was born September 20, 1830. he was named francis Marion after the Huguenot "Swamp Fox" who learned of war first in 1759 fighting the Cherokee Indians.
Frank inherited all the fiery adventuresome temperment of the Roans. He ran away from home (according to his daughter Linda Stambaugh, before his mother Malinda died, when he was 13 years old) sailed the Mississippi on a boat with Mark Twain as pilot. He adored his mother, and probably came home before her death in 1846-47. After grandfather married the second time in 1848, Peoria Census Records 1859 show him home again.
Hereditary took over when he selected his wife, for in 1852 he married Juliet Buchanan Reed of Ohio, niece of President James Buchanan.
It seemed from old family records they lived first in Illinois, near Jerseyville.
I have many very old letters from his daughter, Cousin Malinda (Linda) Upshaw who married Winfield Stambaugh, a lawyer. She was still living at 87, and was a cultured woman with a clear alert mind, that gave life to the past.
Linda wrote of her father, Frank, and remembered his brothers, George and Thomas, who lived many years with her father when she was a little girl.
Federal census records of 1860 show Francis M. Upshaw and family living in the shadow of the Ozark's near Marshfield, Missouri. Here in a land where all were proclaiming their allegience to the Confederacy, Uncle Frank was an ardent Union man.
Dr. John Upshaw, also of Marshfield, whom he called uncle, but who it seems, was only a cousin (probably son of Dr. James Upshaw, Virginia, Jeremiah line) begged him to be more diplomatic in voicing his political views. But as Dr. John Upshaw was himself a rebel and had many slaves, it is probable that to a dedicated fearless man like Uncle Frank this advise(sic) backfired.
When his country declared war, and he was unable to join the Union army on account of a physical disability, his loyalty to his country led him to proclaim his sympathy for the Union at every opportunity. Twice he was threatened with lynching and finally left his home and all his possessions were burned by the Confederates and he and his family were left destitute.
History here was repeating itself, for the home of his 3rd great-grandfather Charles Roane, Loyalist, also was burned by a party of rebels after Bacon's death.
For a more complete story see the manuscript of the Upshaw family, D.A.R. Library, Washington, D.C., File #12947, written by his daughter, Linda Upshaw Stambaugh.
My cousin Linda wrote me in 1945, of how Seigle's Union Army, composed of Germans took them in, and fed and cared for the destitute family. The baby, Ida, was but six months old, and Linda whose negro spirituals delighted the Union soldiers, was two and a half years.
Being forced to leave Missouri, the family took refuge in Kansas in 1867. Here Francis Marion had a cattle and wheat ranch until the range was settled, then they moved to Abilene, Kansas where he opened a furniture store. Here his wife, Juliet died and was buried. Uncle Frank, oldest son of George, was an energetic and successful business man. He was a part of the settling of the west. He lived in Abilene during its outlaw period and played his part in solving its problems.
It seems a pity that no more can be told of this colorful figure.
Frank was closer to his father than most of the others, yet politically they never agreed, but he loved his parents and his family and it showed up strongly when he named his children.
The children of Francis Marion Upshaw and Juliet Buchanan Reed were:
A-Virginia, born 1853, Jerseyville, Ill. Died young.
B-George Leelye, named for Frank's father, Dr. George.
C-William Loomis (named for husband of his sister Narcissa) born 1857, died July 23, 1928; married Ora Estelle Bishop, b. Aug. 18, 1859; d. Jan. 21, 1925, Portland, Oregon.
D-Malinda (Linda) b. 1859, Jerseyville, Ill., d. after 87th year, Kansas. Linda was named after her grandmother Mary Malinda Greenwood Upshaw; and was a fine musician.
E-Ida, b. abt. 1862-1863. Died young.
I have been unable to obtain any data on George Leelye Upshaw above.

2. See "Upshaw Family Journal", Vol. 9 #2 (Summer 2000), page 39, 40: "The Story of the Upshaw Family of Dickenson County, Kansas", by Mrs. Lina Upshaw Stanbaugh, 1923.


1. Need documentation of his burial in either Dickinson Co., KS, or Multnomah Co., OR.

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  • Birth, Spouse, death, burial: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other - Date of Import: 21 May 2010

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Leroy Upshaw ca 1750-1826/ Elizabeth Bradley ca 1751-1818/      

Parson Upshaw ca 1774-ca 1828 (Mrs. Parson) Upshaw 1775-1820/  

George W. Upshaw 1805-1875 Mary Melinda Greenwood ca 1802-/1848

Francis ("Frank") Marion Upshaw 1830-1912