• Born 12 April 1800 - Elbert Co, Georgia
  • Baptized in 1800 - (Lived at), Elbert Co, Georgia
  • Deceased 22 October 1860 - Bienville Par, Louisiana,aged 60 years old
  • Buried - Sparta, Bienville Par, Louisiana

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Individual Note

source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - OtherDate of Import: 21 May 2010

reference: 8849
2 CONC [Upshaw.FTW]

1. 1818, 2 Apr: Elbert Co., GA, Mixed Record Book L, page 193:
Tabitha Lawless marriage to John Upshaw.

2. 1820 census, Madison Co., GA, page 286: Forrester Upshaw household:
1 female 16-26 (Tabitha)

3. 1830 census, Monroe Co., TN, page 153: John Upshaw household:
1 female 30-40 (Tabitha)

4. 1840 census, Noxubee Co., MS, page 95: John Upshaw household:
1 female 30-40 (Tabitha)

5. 1850 census, Bienville Parish, LA, page 576-577, dwelling #565:
(James Upshaw household): Tabitha Upshaw, 46, b GA.

6. 1860 census: Not located. (1860 Bienville Parish census is not extant)

7. 1860, 29 Oct: letter from J.H. Curry of Brush Valley, Bienville Parish, LA, to his sister-in-law, Amanda M. Cox of Walnut Creek, LA (note: this letter was printed in the "Upshaw Family Journal", vol. II page 47 & includes the following, which may be in reference to Tabitha (Lawless) Upshaw, although it could be in reference to Ann (Faulkner) Upshaw):
"Manda, old Mrs. Upshaw is dead. She died 22 of October."
(note: This reference to "Old Mrs. Upshaw" is interesting - Tabitha (Lawless) Upshaw would've been only about 56 years old in 1860 and not exactly what most people would call "Old"; could this have possibly been in reference to Ann (Faulkner) Upshaw, wife of Forrester, who is thought to have died in Louisiana while visiting a son (according to Cora Lou Herndon), although no reference to her or Forrester has ever been found in Louisiana? Ann (Faulkner) Upshaw would've been about 85-90 years old in 1860, which sounds more like "Old Mrs. Upshaw"). If we knew how old J.H. Curry was when he wrote this in 1860, we would know his reference point for stating "Old Mrs. Upshaw"; it would make a large difference in his reference point whether he were a teenager or in his mid-fifties when he refers to someone as "Old".

8. 1870 census: not located; check 1870 LA census index.


1. No grave marker has been located for Tabitha (Lawless) Upshaw; marker was possibly destroyed by vandals at Brush Valley Cemetery, Bienville Parish, LA.

2. Birth date given as 2 May 1800" by Eleanor Dippel (e-mail: Lil-Dip@@worldnet.att.net) in 1998; no source given.


1. (1998) Mrs. Robert Upshaw Parrott, 3121 George's Lane, Alexandria, LA 71301.

Family Note

reference: 211406


  • Birth, baptism, Spouse, death, burial: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other - Date of Import: 21 May 2010

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