• Born in September 1845 - Coweta Co, Georgia
  • Deceased 16 October 1901 - Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, Oklahoma,aged 56 years old
  • Buried - Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, Oklahoma


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Individual Note

source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - OtherDate of Import: 21 May 2010

residence:[between 1866 and 1890]Carrollton, Carroll Co, Georgia(source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other)

reference: 10
2 CONC [Upshaw.FTW]

1. 1845: Birthdate from tombstone, Fairview Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co, OK: R.V. Upshaw, died Oct 16, 1901, age 56 yrs.

2. 1845, 16 Aug-2 Oct: Birthdate was in this timeframe, as per age reported in 1850 & 1860 censuses (see notes 3 & 4).

3. 1850 census, Coweta Co, GA, page 337, dwelling 750, 2 Oct 1850: (Adkin Upshaw household): Robison V. Upshaw, age 5, b GA

4. 1860 census, Coweta Co, GA, page 797, dwelling 998, 16 Aug 1860: (Adkin Upshaw household): Roberson V. Upshaw, age 14, b GA

5. 1862-1865; Confederate compiled military service record (ten items):

  1. 1) "Roberson" Upshaw, Co "B" 1 Georgia Cavalry on file jacket.
    "R.V. Upshaw", Co "B" 1 Georgia Cavalry on following file jacket, "cards filed with
    Roberson Upshaw".
  2. 2) 1862, 10 May: "Roberson Upshaw" Capt. Strickland's Co., Lt. Col. Morrison's Batt'n,
    Georgia Cavalry (subsequently became Company "B", 1st Regt. Georgia Cavalry).
    Volunteered 4 Mar 1862, pay roll dated 17 Apr 1862, $50.00 bounty, volunteered 4 Mar
    1862, Newnan, Coweta Co., Ga, by James H. Strickland, for "three years or during the
    war"; received payment: "Roberson Upshaw".
  3. 3) 1862, 4 Mar to 30 Jun: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co. "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company
    Muster Roll, $47.20 @@ 40 cents per day for use of horse, arms, etc.; present.
  4. 4) 1862, July & Aug: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co. "B', 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster roll,
    $24.80 @@ 40 cents per day for use of horse, arms, etc.; present.
  5. 5) 1862, Sep & Oct: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co. "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster
    Roll, $24.40 @@ 40 cents per day for use of horse, arms, etc.; present.
  6. 6) 1862, Nov & Dec: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co. "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster
    Roll, $24.40 @@ 40 cents per day for use of horse, arms, etc.; present.
  7. 7) 1863, Jan & Feb: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co. "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster Roll,
    $23.60 @@ 40 cents per day for use of horse, arms, etc.; present.
  8. 8) 1863, Nov & Dec: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster Roll
    dated 13 Feb 1864. Last paid by Capt. May, aqm, to June 30, 1863. Remarks:
    "Dropped from roll by order of Major J.H. Strickland, Com. Regt.
  9. 9) 1864, Nov & Dec: R. Upshaw, Pvt., Co "B" 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Company Muster Roll,
    enlisted 20 Nov 1864 in Newnan, Ga., by Lt. Taylor, for 3 years. Never paid. Remarks:
    "Name appears in column names present as R.V. Upshaw".
  10. 10) 1865: R.V. Upshaw, Pvt., Co "B", 1 Reg't Ga Cav., on Muster Roll "of Officers and men
    paroled in accordance with the terms of a Military Convention entered into on the 26th
    day of April, 1865, between General Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding Confederate
    Army and Major General W.T. Sherman, Commanding United States Army in North
    Carolina". Roll not dated. Paroled at Charlotte, N.C., 3 May 1865. Enlisted 20 Nov 1864
    at Luthersville, Ga., by Col. Davett for 3 years. "Never paid".

    6. 1870 census, Carroll Co, GA, dwelling 302, page 44, Carrollton Dist (Adkin Upsher(sic) household): Robinson V. Upsher(sic), age 24, b GA, $325 PE)

    7. 1871, 24 Dec: Carroll Co, GA, marriage book D. page 197: (to Ida P. Routon)

    8. 1871 (circa): photograph of Robinson Valentine Upshaw in Upshaw Family Scrapbook.

    9. 1872, 16 Aug: Carroll County Times (newspaper), issue of 16 Aug 1872:
    R.V. Upshur(sic) advertises "one yoke of large young oxen, well broke, before the courthouse door in Carrollton, to the highest bidder, ..."

    10. 1872, 8 Nov: Carroll County Times (newspaper), issue of Friday, 8 Nov 1872: Apples in Carroll - Mr. R.V. Upshur(sic) informs us, that he has pulled twenty one bushels of apples off of one tree this season. Estimating the bushel as containing 270 apples, this would make 5670 apples from a single tree. They were of the celebrated golden variety, which has acquired so much celebrity in this section.

    11. 1872, 29 Nov: Carroll County Times (newspaper), issue of Friday, 29 Nov 1872: Runaway - On last Tuesday evening, Bob Upshur(sic) and Jno. Worthy were driving out of town on the Villa Rica Road, the former in a top buggy, and the latter in a one horse wagon behind, the horse of the latter became frightened, and ran the wagon against the buggy of Mr. Upshur(sic), who was just in front, breaking the spindle off of one of the hind wheels. The horse of Mr. Worthy stopped immediately after the collision and Bob's fine gray paid no attention to the racket.

    12. 1873, April: "Robinson V. Upshaw" named as son in will of Adkin Upshaw, dated April __ 1873 (Carroll Co, GA, Will Book A page 221, 222)

    13. 1880 census, Montgomery Co, AL, City of Montgomery, 6th Ward, page 216, family #40, dwelling #39 (4 Jun 1880): R.V. Upshur, age 34, b GA (father b "France", mother b "England"), Occupation: "Merchant"; I.T. Upshur, wife, age 23, b GA (father b GA, mother b GA); M.C.P. Upshur, daughter, age 8, b GA; J.A. Upshur, son, age 3, b AL

    14. 1884: Book titled "Ledger" in the West Georgia Regional Library, Carrollton, Ga., Local History area; no other identification, but obviously a store account ledger for 1884: R.V. Upshaw, page 625:
    1884, 24 May: to balance on merchandise, .27; to 1/2 lb. tobacco, .35; by note om B.M. Fleming, $5.00 credit. 1884, 30 May: to 3 lbs. coffee, .50; to 1/2 lb. tobacco, .35. 1884, 31 May: 1 chamber, .35; 7 lbs. meat, .91. 1884, 3 Jun: to 50 lbs. flour, $2.00. 1884, 5 Sep. to amount from ledger, 1883, page 625, $2.20. (shows totals of $6.93 draws and $5.00 credits).

    15. 1885, 23 Mar: Carroll Co., Ga., Mortgage Book B, page 488: Adkin Upshaw & Mary C. Upshaw to W.T. Holderness, $35.00 for mortgage of 50 acres of the northwest corner of land lot 213 in the 5th Dist.; signed by R.V. Upshaw for Adkin Upshaw & Mary C. Upshaw.

    16. 1890, 1891 Carroll County Tax Digests: No R.V. Upshaw in 714th Dist.

    17. 1892, 25 Oct: Tallapoosa Co, AL, marriage book (unknown), page 337: R.V. Upshaw & Ida Phillips

    18. 1892 (circa): Photograph in Upshaw Family Scrapbook (Robinson Valentine Upshaw & Ida S. (Phillips) Upshaw.

    19. 1900 census: not found, but should be in Tallapoosa Co, AL, or Pottawatomie Co, OK. Searched GA soundex for "R.V.", "Robinson" & not found.

    20. 1901, 16 Oct: Death date from Tombstone, Fairview Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co, OK: R.V. Upshaw, died Oct 16, 1901, age 56 yrs.

    21. 1925: Oklahoma Confederate pension record, Mrs. Ida (Phillips) Upshaw, on Confederate Military service of her deceased husband, Robert(sic) Valentine Upshaw. (see UFJ, Vol. II, pg. 52 & 53 for transcription)


    1. Upshaw family records in possession of Ted O. Brooke, 1987.

    2. 1871 photograph in possession of Ted Brooke, 1996; copy sent to U.S. Army Military History Institute, Photo Archives, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA 17013-5008.


    1. The Georgia Archives shows no Tax Lists for Carroll County from 1873 to 1899, although 1890 & 1891 (and perhaps others) are at the Carroll County Library (see note above); perhaps the Archives' inventory is incorrect? (Need to check).


    1. The birthplace of Robinson Upshaw was Coweta County, Georgia, as his father bought land there in 1838 (Deed Book G, page 189) and on January 13 1845 (Deed Book G, page 437).

    2. Robinson V. Upshaw served in Co. "B", 1st Georgia Cavalry, with his brother John R. Upshaw.

    3. Family recollection told to Ted Brooke, by Haskell Upshaw, ca 1975:
    Robinson joined the Confederate cavalry on 10 May 1862 when he was only 16 years old. His mother was very distressed at this, as "her other sons had all gone to the Confederacy and he (R.V.) was her youngest and she didn't want him in danger". She and her husband were able to get him returned, which is evidenced in his service record, in the muster roll dated 13 Feb 1864, which states "Last paid by Capt. May, aqm, to June 30, 1863. Dropped from roll by order of Major J.H. Strickland, Com. Regt". He reenlisted on 20 Nov 1864, either in Newnan or Luthersville, as evidenced on muster roll for Nov & Dec 1864. (Note: Although his service record does give some credence to such a story, it cannot be true, as his mother died in 1860 and his father did not remarry until 1867; perhaps it was his father who felt this way?).
    At some point, either before his first enlistment in 1862 or the second in 1864, the Coweta County Sheriff got involved and is supposed to have confined him in the County jail to keep him at home, which was to no avail.
    According to family tradition, he was a large man, about 6'6" in height, and very strong. It is told he could pull apart a piece of harness with his bare hands and would often do this in public as a feat of strength. My father, Theodore Routon Brooke, has told me that he recalls seeing another picture of him, with a long-stemmed pipe, which I have never been able to locate. Sadly, no picture of him in Confederate uniform is thought to exist.
    Also according to family tradition, he is supposed to have killed or injured a colored man in a fight in Carrollton. Ida, Robinson's wife, was at a well in town and was insulted somehow by the colored man, who was severely injured or killed by Robinson, who then fled to Alabama, where he remarried to Ida Phillips after the death of his wife, and thence moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma, where he died in 1901. My grandmother, Martha C.P. (Upshaw) Brooke, daughter of Robinson, told my father that her father (Robinson) had written her from Alabama while he was "in exile" there, asking her to come and keep house for him, which she did not do; she was married to my grandfather, James Robert Brook(e) on 31 Dec 1891, shortly before her father's remarriage to Ida Phillips in Alabama. An account of this affray in Carrollton should be in the Carroll County newspapers, which are being abstracted and published by the Carroll County Genealogical Society in their "Quarterly", but has not appeared within the issues of 1874-1881, which they have printed thusfar, as of 1998. I think the affray probably happened about 1888-1891 and will make interesting reading, once located.

Family Note

Marriage with Ida Pope Routon:

reference: 154032

Marriage with Ida S. Phillips:

reference: 189554


  • Birth, Spouse 1, Spouse 2, death, burial: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other - Date of Import: 21 May 2010

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