• Born about 1719 - Essex Co, Virginia
  • Deceased 25 October 1804 - King & Queen Co, Virginia,aged about 85 years old
  • Buried - King & Queen Co, Virginia

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Individual Note

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1. The Brooking Family Bible. Printed in "Kentucky Ancestors" (periodical), Vol 17 #1 (1981), page 41-43. Bible record was contributed by Mrs. Ewell Gibson, 200 Hiawatha Trail, Georgetown, KY, 40324. Copy in Brooking file of TOB, 1996. Selected information follows: Marriages: 3 Jun 1754, Charles Brooking & Frances Upshaw, Culpeper County, Virginia. Births: ca 1730-35, Charles Brooking, Gloucester County, Virginia, wife Frances Upshaw. Deaths: 27 Oct 1804, Frances Upshaw Brooking (Wife Charles), King and Queen Co., Va.

2. Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 20 page 289: List of Obituaries from Richmond, VA, newspapers: The Argus, issue of 27 Oct 1804. (see item #3 for obituary).

3. Virginia Genealogical Society, "Marriages and Deaths from Richmond, Virginia Newspapers 1780-1820" (Richmond, VA: the Society, 1983), page 20: Died, Mrs. Frances Brooking, age 85, of King and Queen Co. on Thursday last (Oct 25). The Richmond Argus, 27 Oct 1804, page 3. (The Richmond Argus, 27 Oct 1804, page 3).


1. The Brooking Line, 1 Jan 1987, page 18; family sketch of William Brooking & Susannah Upshaw Brooking; no documentation given. This states that "Frances Upshaw Brooking was a Patriot in the American Revolution, having furnished corn and beef for the use of the Army. Public Service claim is in State Library files, Richmond, Va. Copies of Brooking Bible is in the University of Virginia library. Sallie D. Brooking Gibson's DAR National number 453552.


1. I am very uncertain of whether this Frances, wife of Charles Brooking, was Frances "Upshaw" or Frances "Vivian". Mr. Tony Quinn, in Dec. 1999, sent me a copy of a Brooking Family Bible from the Library of Virginia which does not give Frances' maiden name, only that "Charles & Frances Brooking were married 3rd June 1754". Also, from "Genealogies of Virginia Families From the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine", Vol. V (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982), page 258 is (concerning Robert Brooking) "From the following deed we learn that he married Frances, daughter of Thomas Vivian, Gent.: May 18, 1741, Thomas Vivian, Gent., of King George County, "out of pure natural affection to his Daughter, Frances, wife of Robert Brooking," of St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen County, deeds to him 220 acres of land in Essex County. (Deed Book 22, page 235).

2. I cannot place Frances Upshaw in the Upshaw family as of 1999. Who were her parents? If she was married in Culpeper Co, VA, check marriage bonds there for consents. Also check King & Queen Co, VA, for Frances Brooking estate ca 1804. If Frances (Upshaw) Brooking was 85 years old when she died in 1804 (see obituary in primary source #3), her father would've been born before 1700, who must be one of the sons of William Upshaw of Essex Co., although this relationship has not yet been discovered; check those estates carefully for Frances.

3. (Information furnished in 1989 letter to TOB from Mrs. E.H. Gibson, 200 Hiawatha Trail, Georgetown, KY 40324): FRANCES UPSHAW (b ca 1734), md 3 June 1754, Essex(sic) Co, VA, to Charles Brooking, born 1720 Gloucester Co, VA; his will was probated in 1795 Madison Co, VA, naming four sons and a niece. She (Frances) died 27 Oct 1804 in King & Queen Co, VA (per Brooking Bible record). She was a Patriot in the American Revolution, having furnished supplies for the use of the Army. The family records at the University of Virginia state that Charles & Frances were cousins. (Note: need to secure a copy of these "family records at the University of Virginia"; asked Mrs. Gibson for a copy 8 Jan 1990). Additional note - Charles Brooking named one of his sons Upshaw Brooking who died at the age of 20. (Note: See Brooking Family Bible record - I believe this would've been Upshaw Davis Brooking, b 1768, d 1788).

4. "Index to Obituary Notices in the Richmond Enquirer from May 9, 1804 through 1828 ... ", Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1923: No obituary for Frances Brooking.

5. Researchers: (1999-2000): T. Anthony Quinn, 2743 Marty Way, Sacramento, CA 95818. (Family Group sheet mailed, Dec. 1999 & Jul 2000).
Mr. Quinn furnishes these comments in July 2000:
"In 1979, four descendants of Charles & Frances Brooking published a family history titled "Five Oaks, Their Roots and Acorns". In this they assert (with no proof) that Frances was either 'Upshur' or 'Upshaw'. They obtained a family Bible of Robert Upshaw Brooking and, on that basis, they concluded her maiden name was 'Upshaw'.
Also, a man named named Russell Hansford, now deceased, did a family history some years ago and he also says that Charles Brooking married Frances Upshaw and adds a note 'Who was her father?'".

Family Note

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  • Birth, Spouse, death, burial: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other - Date of Import: 21 May 2010

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