• Born about 1780 - Amherst Co, Virginia
  • Deceased in 1830 - Walton Co?, Georgia,aged about 50 years old
  • Buried - Walton Co?, Georgia


 Spouses and children



On the side of Leroy Upshaw ca 1750-1826/


Individual Note

source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - OtherDate of Import: 21 May 2010

residence:[between 1799 and 1820]Elbert Co, Georgia(source: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other)

reference: U
2 CONC [Upshaw.FTW]

1. 1799, 12 Jan: Richard (X) Upshaw is witness to will of William Bradley, Elbert Co, GA, will book B, page 178-180. (This Richard would've been born no later than 1781 in order to've been no younger than 18 in 1799)

2. 1802, 28 Jan: Elbert Co., GA, Deed Book H, page 193: Isaac Morris to Anderson White, both of Elbert Co., for $350, on N. side of South Fork of Doves Creek in sd. co., 75 acres, adj. Thomas Oglesby, up creek to 2nd branch, up branch to Joseph King, in fee simple. (signed) Isaac (I) Morris, Anne (R.) Morris. Wit: John Staples, J.P., Richard Upshaw. Elbert Co.: 28 Jan 1802, Anne Morris rel. dower rights before John Staples, J.P. & Richard Upshaw. Regd. 29 Dec 1803. (Farmer, page 299).

3. 1806, 17 Jul: John Parham estate Returns; Elbert County Probate Office, Original Papers, "John Parham" file: No. 12: Rec'd of William Davis Exr. of John Parham Deceast(sic) Nine Dollars twele(sic) & a half cents in part of my legacy of thirty five dollars Received this Seventeenth day of July 1806.
Made his mark Richard X Upshaw
(Copy in possession of Ted Brooke, Nov 1996)

4. 1809, July: Richard Upshaw named as a hand to work on the "road from Dudley's Old Ferry top the Old Fields Crossroads leading to Elberton"; Elbert Co, GA, Inferior Court Minutes, July term, 1809.

5. 1809, 13 July: Elbert Co., Ga., Deed Book M, page 47:
Inquisition of Reuben Lindsay, lunatic (continued). Book accounts from Lindsay's store, 13 July 1809: (includes name of Richard Upshaw). (Farmer, page 91).

6. 1809, 27 July: Richard Upshaw is folio 115 in Reuben Lindsay Book Accounts, Elbert Co. Superior Court miscellaneous records,1809-1845.

7. 1815: Richard Upshaw in Capt. Christian's Dist, "no Negroes, no land, no stock in trade"; also listed as a defaulter; Elbert Co. tax digest, 1815, Capt. Christian's Dist, page 22 & 27.

8. 1820 census, Elbert Co, GA, page 162; Rufus Christian's Dist: Richard Upshaw household: 2 males under 10 (unknown); 3 females under 10 (unknown); 1 male 10-15 (Richard U Jr?); 1 female 26-44 (presumed wife of Richard Upshaw Sr.?); 1 male 26-44 (Richard Upshaw Sr.).

9. 1820, 27 Feb: Richard Upshaw marries Rebecca Elder in Elbert Co, GA; Will Book L, page 475. (presumed to be Richard Upshaw Jr.) (note: if this is Richard Upshaw Jr. as found above in the 1820 census, he was a maximum of only 15 years old in 1820, which is rather young for a male to marry).

10. 1820: Richard Upshaw of Elbert Co, GA, R. Christian's district, draws lot #449 in district 13 of Irwin Co, GA, in the 1820 Georgia land lottery, but land was not granted; (this is presumed to be Richard Upshaw Sr; the Richard Upshaw who drew in the 1832 Cherokee Gold lottery is assumed to be Richard Jr)

11. 1830 census, Walton Co, GA, page 158:
Richard Upshaw, born 1780-1790 (this is Richard Upshaw Sr)
unknown male, born 1815-1820
unknown female, born 1800-1810 (this is Rebecca (Elder) Upshaw;
Richard Upshaw Jr. was not in the county at this time, as he did
not report his own taxes in 1831 - see note under Richard Jr.)
unknown female, born 1810-1815
unknown female, born 1815-1820
(NOTE: all the following children could be the children of Richard Jr.
& Rebecca (Elder) Upshaw:
2 unknown females, born 1821-1825
unknown male, born 1826-1830 (this could have been Alexander Wilson
unknown male, born 1826-1830
2 unknown females, born 1826-1830

12. 1840 census, Walton Co, GA, page 120: (NOTE: this census curiously shows NO children born between 1830 & 1840
Richard Upshaw, born 1800-1810 (this is obviously Richard Upshaw Jr; this was the only male in the household, so THIS Richard was younger than the older Richard in 1820 & 1830 census) unknown female, born 1780-1790 (was this the widow of Richard Sr? But, if so, where was she in 1830; this could have been the mother of Rebecca (Elder) Upshaw)
unknown female, born 1800-1810 (presumed to be Rebecca (Elder) Upshaw)
unknown female, born 1810-1820
unknown female, born 1820-1825


1. The Walton Tribune, Monroe, GA, December 11, 1968, page 147-148; "Richard Upshaw bought Walton County Homeplace May 31, 1822".

2. Michal Martin Farmer, "Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books A-J, 1791-1806", (Dallas, TX: Farmer Genealogy Co., 1997), page 299.

3. Michal Martin Farmer, "Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819", (Dallas, TX: Farmer Genealogy Co., 1997), page 91.


1. Children are assigned to this family with the assumption that only the children born prior to 1820 listed in the 1820 Elbert Co, GA, census and the 1830 Walton Co, GA, census in the household of Richard Upshaw were his.

2. There are no "Richard Upshaw" papers among original Walton County estate papers at the Georgia Archives, Record Group 247, Sub-group 2, Series 13 "Arranged Miscellaneous Records of the Inferior Court of Walton County".


1. (1997) Tim Hudson, 105 Duchess Drive, Winterville, NC 28590 (919)355-5750 (desc from Alexander Wilson Upshaw, 1825-1883/Richard Upshaw Jr, 1804-1850/Richard Upshaw Sr, 1781-1840/Leroy Upshaw, 1750-1826/etc.

Family Note

Marriage with Mary Parham:

reference: 123224

Marriage with Rebecca Elder:

reference: 176595
2 CONC [Upshaw.FTW]

Line in Record @@F222@@ (MRIN 178) from GEDCOM file not recognized:
IDNO Elbert Co, GA


  • Birth, Spouse 1, Spouse 2, death, burial: Upshaw.FTW - 1 REPO - 2 CALN - Other - Date of Import: 21 May 2010

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 Family Tree Preview

William Upshaw, Capt /1676-1720 Hannah Forrest ca 1679-ca 1763      

Forrest Upshaw ca 1718-ca 1759 Ann (Mrs. John Sr.) Hunt ca 1725-1795  

Leroy Upshaw ca 1750-1826/ Elizabeth Bradley ca 1751-1818/

Richard Upshaw ca 1780-1830