Pierre Alexandre


  • B
    • BESANCON ca 1743-, son of Jean Joseph BESANCON MATHIL and Marie Josephe GUYE, married to Marie Pierrette GUYON VEUILLET in 1765.
    • BESANCON MATILLE 1743-, son of Jean Joseph and Marie Therese GUYE COICHARD.
    • BESCHET BOLON 1731-, son of Charles and Antoinette Marie CART GRANDJEAN.
    • BLONDEAU 1771-1828, son of Jean Joseph BLONDEAU GEORGES and Marie Pierrette BESANCON MATHIL, married to Marie Francoise Elonore MICHAUD in 1805.
    • BLONDEAU 1727-, son of Anatoile BLONDEAU PIROULET and Anne Claudine BOURGEOIS.
    • BLONDEAU 1725-1801, son of Pierre Joseph BLONDEAU NATOIRE and Marie Anne RENAUD PERRELLIN (REGNAUD), married to Marie Claudine BOUVERET in 1746.
    • BLONDEAU 1705-, son of Claude Francois and Pernette MICHAUD FIDEY.
    • BLONDEAU 1699-, son of Pierre and Pernette BLONDEAU, married to Marie Celestine FAUCONNET in 1737.
    • BLONDEAU 1692-, son of Claude Francois and Pernette MICHAUD FIDEY.
    • BLONDEAU 1687-, son of Pierre BLONDEAU NATOIRE and Francoise LORIN GRANDBONNET.
    • BLONDEAU COULET 1774-, son of Jean Louis and Marie Pierrette POUX BERTHE.
    • BLONDEAU COULET 1724-1800, son of Claude Francois and Jeanne Claudine GUYE COICHARD, married to Marie Madeleine BAILLY in 1744.
    • BLONDEAU GEORGES 1710-1756, son of Pierre Francois and Anne Pierrette GUYON, married to Marie Gertrude BROCARD HUGUENIN in 1739.
    • BLONDEAU PIROULET, with Marie Thérèse BAUD.
    • BLONDEAU RENAUD 1785-, son of Alexis and Marie Marguerite PAGNIER RITON.
    • BLONDEAU RENAUD 1732-1807, son of Ambroise and Marie Therese MICHAUD, married to Gabrielle Ignace BLONDEAU COULET in 1753.
    • BLONDEAU TOINY 1747-, son of Ignace Joseph and Marie Francoise GUYE.
    • BOURGEOIS 1781-, son of Pierre Joseph and Therese Monique PROST, married to Jeanne Rose POUX LANDRY in 1826.
    • BOURGEOIS 1740-, son of Gilbert and Jeanne Claudine BLONDEAU PIROULET.
    • BOURGEOIS 1730-, son of Pierre Louis and Claudine Francoise JACQUIN.
    • BOURGEOIS 1730-, son of Alexis BOURGEOIS DIT DESSUS and Marie Therese BLONDEAU TOINY.
    • BOURGEOIS ca 1728-, son of Jean Baptiste and Anne Francoise BOURGEOIS, married to Marie Antoine GUYE in 1755.
    • BOURGEOIS 1719-, son of Jean Claude and Jeanne Brigitte JACQUIN.
    • BOURGEOIS 1701-, son of Pierre BOURGEOIS MOINE and Jeanne Claudine LANDRY.
    • BOURGEOIS ARMURIER 1785-, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Josephe Colombine PAGNIER.
    • BOURGEOIS MOINE 1701-1763, married to Jeanne Baptiste GUYE PAYSAN in 1730.
    • BOURGEOIS PHILIPPET 1801-1872, son of Jean Alexis and Marie Anne CRETIN, married to Marie Agnès Sophie BLONDEAU COULET in 1833.
    • BOURGEOIS REPUBLIQUE DIT DESSUS 1769-1845, son of Pierre Louis BOURGEOIS JACQUET and Marie Therese DEMEUNIER, with Anne Ignace BOITEUX.
    • BOUVERET 1759-, son of Alexandre Joseph and Marie Aimable MICHEL PIROD.
    • BOUVERET 1756-, son of Ignace Joseph and Marie Claudine JANNIN.
    • BOUVERET 1746-, son of Pierre Joseph and Jeanne Celestine POUX GUILLAUME, married to Marie Francoise THIEBAUD in 1781.
    • BOUVERET 1735-, son of Pierre Joseph and Marie Claudine BLONDEAU.
    • BROCARD 1721-, son of Claude Joseph and Marie Claudine BLONDEAU.
    • BROCARD 1706-, son of Pierre Antoine BROCARD de GUERRE and Claudine Antoinette BLONDEAU, married to Marie Louise GUYE CHEZ JEAN in 1730.
    • BROCARD DU TILLET 1783-, son of Jean Baptiste and Jeanne Claudine LHOMME.
    • BROCARD DU TILLET 1727-, son of Pierre Etienne and Marie LHOMME CHOULET, married to Marie Josephe BOURGEOIS PHILIPPET in 1760.
  • C
    • CHAUVIN, with Marie Antoinette MAGNIN.
    • COMBE 1699-, son of Claude and Jeanne Marie THIEBAUD.
    • CORDIER 1785-1861, son of Pierre Cyrille and Marie Barbe POUX LANDRY, married to Rose Monique MICHEL PIROD in 1807.
    • CORDIER 1711-, son of Claude le Jeune and Antoinette GUYE.
    • CORDIER CARGUE 1716-1716, son of Francois and Jeanne Henriette RENAUD CAILLON.
  • F
    • FAVROT 1735-1813, son of Jean Charles and Marie Ignace BESUCHET, married to Jeanne Therese MICHAUD in 1773.
  • G
    • GIROD ca 1762-, son of Claude Etienne and Catherine ARDIET, married to Jeanne Francoise MOUQUIN in 1788.
    • GRAPPE 1809-, son of Jean Félix and Marie Hélène VERNIER, married to Florence Victorine PINSARD in 1837.
    • GRIFFON 1781-1864, son of Athanase GRIFFON RICHARD and Jeanne Claudine BEAULOISEAU, married to Marie Victoire MICHEL PIROD in 1808, Jeanne Alexandrine POUX BERTHE.
    • GRIFFON 1755-, son of Pierre Joseph GRIFFON RICHARD and Francoise MICHEL PIROD.
    • GRIFFON FANFELIN 1712-1775, son of Claude and Francoise JEUNET (GENET), married to Anne Reine GUYE in 1742, Marie Anne BROCARD in 1750.
    • GUY 1741-, son of Claude Joseph GUYE and Claudine Francoise GUY, married to Louise Therese JOUFFROY in 1773.
    • GUYE 1741-, son of Pierre Francois and Marie Therese BOURGEOIS, married to Francoise Joseph BOURGEOIS in 1763.
    • GUYE 1726-, son of Claude Joseph GUYE CHEZ JEAN and Marie Agnes JACQUIN.
    • GUYE 1720-, son of Pierre GUYE CHEZ JEAN and Huguette Francoise MICHAUD.
    • GUYE, with Celestine MICHAUD.
    • GUYE CHEZ JEAN 1744-1813, son of Francois Joseph and Angelle MICHAUD.
    • GUYON 1707-, son of Pierre Joseph GUYON VUILLET and Anne Claudine MICHAUD PIRET.
    • GUYON VEUILLET 1787-, son of Jacques Henri and Claire Aimable BOURGEOIS MOINE.
    • GUYON VEUILLET 1756-, son of Claude Pierre and Jeanne Francoise GUYE COICHARD, married to Jeanne Marie MICHAUD in 1781.
  • H
    • HUGONNET 1760-, son of Claude Francois and Louise Claudine PAGET.
    • HUMBERT 1758-, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Angele BOURGEOIS.
  • J
    • JANNIN, with Marguerite SAILLARD.
    • JANNIN, son of Jean Simon and Jeanne Claudine MICHAUD.
  • M
    • MICHAUD 1730-1792, son of Antoine Joseph and Michelle BROCARD TANNEUR, married to Claudine Pierrette BLONDEAU PIROULET in 1754.
    • MICHAUD 1721-, son of Michel MICHAUD NERARD and Jeanne Brigitte JACQUIN, married to Charlotte Josephe MICHAUD DIT L'AMITIE in 1756.
    • MICHAUD 1695-, son of Claude Antoine Joseph and Claudine GUYE CHEZ JEAN.
    • MICHAUD, married to Marie Claudine POUX in 1811.
    • MICHAUD NERARD, with Jeanne Francoise GUYE.
    • MICHAUD PIPE 1835-, son of Claude Joseph and Adelaide Victoire MICHAUD FRANCOIS, married to Maria Josephine CORDIER in 1880.
    • MICHAUD PIPE 1749-, son of Jean Joseph and Marie Ursule GUYON.
    • MICHAUD PIPE 1733-1779, son of Antoine Joseph and Marie Aimable GUYON VEUILLET, married to Claudine Pierrette MICHAUD NERARD in 1765, Marie Joseph RICHARDET in 1766.
    • MICHAUD PIPE, with Claudine Francoise MICHAUD.
    • MICHAUD PIRET 1735-, son of Claude Pierre and Claudine Antoine MICHAUD FIDEY.
    • MICHAUD PIRET 1715-, son of Pierre Denis and Henriette Therese TREHAN.
    • MICHAUD PIRET 1712-1732, son of Claude Francois and Claudine POUX.
    • MICHEL PIROD 1759-1843, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Francoise BOURGEOIS PIN, married to Marie Charlotte BOURGEOIS MOINE in 1788, Jeanne Claudine BOUVERET in 1792.
    • MIGNOT 1752-, son of Mathieu Joseph MIGNOT (MIGNOD) and Jeanne Marie MICHAUD PIPE.
  • P
    • PASTEUR †1834, with Jeanne Francoise PASTEUR.
    • POUX A BENOIT, with Claudine MICHAUD.
    • POUX BERTHE 1760-1783, son of Philibert Francois and Jeanne Pierrette BOURGEOIS MOINE.
    • POUX BERTHE, married to Angelle Pierrette BOURGEOIS MOINE in 1723.
    • POUX GUILLAUME 1750-, son of Alexandre and Marie Claudine GUYON VUILLET.
    • POUX LANDRY 1773-, son of Jean Joseph and Marie Anne CRETIN.
    • POUX LANDRY 1749-, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Therese FAIVRE.
  • R
    • REGNAUD 1729-, son of Anathoile and Anne Marie GUYON VUILLET, married to Marie Magdeleine JOUFFROY in 1754.

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