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  • Adélaïde Joseph, married to Jean Baptiste Joseph DURANT in 1860.
  • Angéline Emilie 1841-1918, daughter of Emile Alfred and Angélique Florentine POLEMAN, married to Paul André VERDIERRE in 1873.
  • Emile Alfred 1817-1881, married to Angélique Florentine POLEMAN in 1841.
  • Géry Victor 1866, son of Victor Joseph and Marie Louise CABY, married to Virginie Joséphine CARLIER in 1894.
  • Marie Louise Virginie 1894-1975, daughter of Géry Victor and Virginie Joséphine CARLIER, married to Paul Eugène DECOURTRAY in 1919.
  • Victor Joseph, married to Marie Louise CABY.