Walter H.

  • Groseclose 1861-1918, son of Jonas, father of Minnie Mae.
  • Haun, son of John M. and Martha J. Mullin.
  • Kegley 1890-, son of Abraham Russell and Martha J. Steffey, married to Esta Hazel Via.
  • Kellogg 1901-1977, son of Walter Palmer and Cora Estella Hayward.
  • Mitchell 1927, married to Willie Sue Fuller in 1950.
  • Neese 1886-1964, son of David C. and Lucretia Umberger, married to Anna E. Fisher.
  • Pulliam 1895-, son of George Washington and Mary Catherine "Cassie" Harrell, married to Lettie R. Raines in 1914.
  • Surface 1880-1943, son of Joseph and Edwina Mercer.
  • Umberger 1902-1974, son of Herbert W. and Emma Lick, married to Lillian Allan, Margaret Goodall.