• Born 21 December 1870 - Marion Co, Iowa
  • Deceased 11 February 1920 - Seattle, Washington,aged 49 years old


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Individual Note

Florence's brother, James Ancil, signed for her when she got married as she was only 16.

Her middle name was known as Alpha by her great granddaughter, Janice Orth. Lucille's family have it hand written as Alverette. Janice had not heard that the relatives in Iowa called Florence "Pink".

Janice has a writing that gives Florence's birth year as 1871. Lucille Webster's records show her as born in 1870: The family Bible is hard to read but looks like 1870. Her marriage license records her as 16 in March. She would be born in 1870 to be 17 in December of 1887. The 1880 census shows her as nine but was written in the summer of 1880 and Florence would have been 10 in December 1880.

Jacob Creager had no children of his own or they died young, so on Nov. 17, 1887, his heirs were from his sister's, Lydia Miers, children. Those heirs are all grand-nephews and nieces of Jacob: (reference 2):
10. Florence A. Johnson, age 17.

References: (1) Marriage Record, Marion County, Iowa, Book 6, page 25, page 126 in the reference guide. The marriage certificate was signed by Wm Craig, Minister Gospel. Her brother, James Myres (Florence's last name is also spelled Myres on the Marriage records), was the person giving the affidavit of her being of sound contracting mind and unmarried. (2) Geneva, New York, newspaper article: A citation to appear in Surrogate's Court in the Village of Geneva, New York, On Nov. 17, 1887, for the probate of the last will and testament of Jacob Creager of Seneca, Ontario County, NY. In the article, Jacob's heirs are listed. (3) 1880 federal census for Jasper Township, Adams County, Iowa, for Lydia and Isaac Miers'/Myers' son Isaac and Hannah Miers and their family, records that Isaac, the father who had lived in New York, was born in New Jersey and his wife Lydia was born in Maryland. (4) Telecons between Lucille Miers Webster and Janice Orth who descended from Lucille's grandfather Joseph Freeman Miers' sister Florence. February 9 and 26, 2002. (5) Old photo of Lucille's grandfather's sister Florence, her husband, and family with names written on the back of the photo, given to Lucille Miers Webster by Janice (Skinner) Orth on February 12, 2002.

Family Note

Marriage with Mr. Underwood:
Reference Number:28108

Marriage with William Horace Johnson:
Reference Number:2180


  • Individual: Lucy Webster GED

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  James Rusling Johnston 1814-1870 Nancy Stephens 1819-1897

Isaac Freeman Miers 1836-1883 Hannah Fowler Johnston 1837-1913

Florence (Aka Pink) Alpha Miers 1870-1920