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JULIE Family (CAIEZ d'Epinay)

  • Born 1 June 1901
  • Deceased 12 August 1901 - Konsentrasiekamp, Harrismith,aged 2 months old






Individual Note

VAB MHG Z162, Nie op JCS PRINSLOO se SK. Nie op GJ SEVENSTER SK. Ouers se plaas: Zevensters Rust, Winburg.
Name:ÙCbÙDZevenster, Master Ernst PhilippusÙC/bÙD
Type: Camp inmate
Born in camp? No
Date death: 8/12/1901
Place of death: Harrismith RC
Age died (months): 2
Died in camp? Yes
Cause death: Convulsions
Gender: male
Race: white
Marital status: single
Nationality: Free State
Unique ID: 33933
ÙCbÙDCamp history
ÙC/bÙDName:ÙCuÙDHarrismith RC ÙC/uÙD
Location: Orange River Colony
ÙCbÙDFarm history
ÙC/bÙDName: Zevensterrust
District: Winburg

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Gerhardus Jacobus Sevenster 1833-1901 Elizabeth Magdalena Johanna Pieterse ca 1837-  

Gerhardus Jacobus Sevenster 1862-1935 Johanna Catharina Sophia Prinsloo ca 1865-1948

Ernst Phillipus Sevenster 1901-1901