Peter /Christensen/, Peter /Christensen/, Peter /Christensen/, Peter /Christiansen/

  • Born 30 March 1842 - Draaby, Randers,Denmark
  • Baptized 22 May 1842 - Draaby, Randers,Denmark
  • Deceased 27 December 1931 - Wales, Sanpete, Utah,aged 89 years old


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Christened 22 May 1842 in Draaby, Randers, Denmark

The following is copied from typed letter found among Sarah Camella Christensen Mercer's papers.

History of Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen was born in Denmark on 1 April 1882. The son of Soren and Elsie Weber Peterson Christensen. He had one brother named Laurits and two sisters, Dorthea and Cecillia Maria.
The family was converted to the Church of Latter-Day-Saints by Elder Lars Swenson. In 1860 the family left their native land and all that was dear to them, including a little girl, 9 years of age, whom they had raised from a few days after birth. They wanted to adopt her, and keep her with them, but for some reason they could not get the correct papers on her. So they had to leave her behind with some of her family. They also left the two Christensen sisters. They sailed in company with 182 Danish, 80 Swedish and 39 Norwegian saints, from Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 2, 1860 on a small steamer (Pauline). They went to Grimsby, England. They traveled by train to Liverpool, arriving on May 6 and the next day boarded the ship (William Tipscott), headed for New York. With a number of Swiss and English saints, they numbered 730 souls. They arrived in New York on June 15. They traveled by steamer to Albany and from there, by train and river steamer, to Florence, Neb. They arrived there on July 1, 1860. They joined Captain Oscor Stoddard's handcart company, which numbered 126 persons, 22 handcarts, and 6 wagons. This was the last company of Latter-Day Saints to cross the plains and mountains with handcarts. Those who followed used ox teams, horses and wagons. It was a long tedious journey in the heat and dust. Some sickness prevailed among them and some of their loved ones were left along the wayside.
Laurits was fortunate enough to have a gun and he would hunt along the way to help supply food. There were mail stations along the way and when they would reach these places the emigrants would supply him with ammunition so he could continue his hunting. Occasionally when they arrived at a station, they would find the place burned to the ground by the Indians, and the keepers were killed. At one time they came upon the remains of a whole company of people who were traveling to California. They found 11 men dead and some others badly wounded, the women and children had been taken. On another occasion, they came upon a station where the keeper had been dragged up and down the road until dead. On Sept. 24 they arrived in Salt Lake City and were happily welcomed by relatives and friends. The Christensen family settled at Moroni, Utah and started farming and raising livestock.
Four years later Peter and Laurits took six head of oxen and went back to the Missouri River to bring more emigrants to Utah. They made several trips that summer of 1864. While traveling, on the banks of the Missouri they saw a cyclone. The water was drawn up out of the river in the shape of a funnel and then in a short time it came back down, in terrific hailstorm. They hurriedly unhitched the oxen and turned them loose, as they could not control them. The people crawled under the wagon, the noise of the storm, and cattle was beyond description. On one of these trips, back helping the emigrants, in 1863 Grandfather Peter Christensen, met Wilhemina Hovinghoff. She was very shy and didn't join with the rest when they held their dances. He decided one night, he would ask her to dance. To his surprise she accepted him. From that night on they were good friends. They felt like they had always known each other. Wilhelmina 18, her brother Julius Andreas Hovinghoff 16, had come to America alone leaving their parents behind in Nakskov, Maribo Denmark. Wilhelmina was baptized 28 Dec 1858. They had come over on the B.S. Kimball, they sailed from Liverpool on the 9 of May. Wilhemina was married on the ship to Niels Larson. He must of died soon after or before they landed. They arrived in Moroni, Sampete, Utah that fall. Nov. 8,1863 Peter Christensen and Wilhemina Hovinghoff were married. They lived in Mornonia, where their first three children were born. Later they moved to Wales. They lived east of the cemetery. They had nine all together, six born in Wales, Utah. Grandfather worked in the coal mine in Wales and made some of the first bricks for the homes in Wales. He also liked to go prospecting, but never was lucky. When his ninth baby was 11 months his wife died leaving nine children. The oldest was 18 years old. Wilhemina died 3 Dec. 1882 buried 6 Dec. 1882 in Wales. It was a sad time for the children, with a small baby. Grandfather married 2 months later Mary Ellen Roscoe, who worked for him during his wife's illness. The children took to Mary Ellen, at first but not being much older than some of the children it was hard on all of them. Albert the third boy was so upset when the father married again soon. He was just 13, a hard age to please, and didn't want any to take his mothers place. They had many trials with more babies coming along. In the following spring the older boy, Erastus, was married 18 May 1883 to Amelia Davis.
In 1891 Albert got mad at his family and left home and they never heard from him since, which was a heartache for grandfather.
At one time, Grandfather was chopping wood when a piece flew up in his eye and blinded him in his left eye, the pain was so severe they thought they would have to remove his eye. The doctor fixed a solution of boric acid and snow water which relieved his pain. Grandfather always used these eye drops, he felt it made his other eye stronger. Also he had cancer removed from his nose in his late seventies. He wouldn't let the doctor give him anything for pain. They cut clear to the bone. Grandfather died when he was 89 years old from a large tumor in his stomach. He died 27 Dec. 1931, was buried 29 Dec. in Wales, Sampete, Utah.
He had 17 Children, 9 with his first wife and 8 with his second wife, Mary Ellen Roscoe.

Peter Christensen 2nd Sericice Oct 22, 1913
Indian was total value of Service 595 days rec $55.00 for one month scrive $1090.60
I Peter Christensen who served in Company of commander Capt. Alened Lawery '(1865)
John L. Ive 1866. apt Eurstus Curtes 1867. in the Indian war service. of the territory
of Utah that I made proof of that service on the 8th day of Sept. 1909.

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847-1868

Christensen, Peter
Birth Date: 30 Mar. 1842
Death Date: 27 Dec. 1931
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Company: Oscar O. Stoddard Company (1860)

Journal History, Supp. after 31 Dec. 1860, p. 37

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Christian Sorenson 1751-1812 Kirsten Knudsen ca 1759-1831 Peder Hansen 1772-1852 Dorthe Thomsen ca 1789-

Soren Christensen 1801-1882 Else Pedersen 1811-1895

Peter Soren Christensen 1842-1931