• Born 12 November 1838 - Highland Co., Ohio, USA
  • Deceased 21 June 1923 - Greentop, Schuyler Co., Missouri, USA,aged 84 years old
  • Buried 22 June 1923 - Myers Cemetery, Queen City, Schuyler Co., Missouri, USA
  • Farmer
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Individual Note

Many clueless researchers attempt to "correct" the given name Mnason to Mason. This in fact, is an erroneous assumption.

The given name Mnason is of Greek origin and was a little known, or when known, easily forgotten Biblical character.

Mnason was a first-century Cyprian Christian, who is mentioned in chapter 21 of the Acts of the Apostles as offering hospitality to Luke the evangelist, Paul the apostle and their companions, when they travelled from Caesarea to Jerusalem.

There are several Mnasons in the Bowen family. Without exception, all would be displeased when their names were "corrected" to Mason.


  • Individual, family 1, family 2: A History of Schuyler County
  • Birth, death, burial: Certificate of Death

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sosa Mnason Bowen 1796-1882 sosa Deliverance Connaroe 1800-  

Levi Bowen 1818-1900 Maria S. Zook 1820-1916

Mnason Bowen 1838-1923