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Ancestors of the Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada / Ahnen Forschung der Familien Doose & Bollinger in Kanada

  • Geboren im Jahre 1914 - Toronto, ON, CA
  • Verstorben am 11. Juli 1997 - Toronto, ON, CA , Alter: 83 Jahre alt


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Hinweis zur Person

Tod Ursache: pneumonia
He was a longtime city councillor in Toronto, Ontario, who briefly served as interim mayor of the city in 1978.
Fred operated the Beavis Bros. Roofing Co. with his brothers before becoming a full-time politician.
He became an alderman in 1961 in the city's ward 1. Except for a brief period between 1975 and 1977 he served on council until 1988. He served on several committees and sat on Metro Council as well. He was also a member of Metro's executive committee.
After mayor David Crombie resigned in August 1978 to enter federal politics, city council became deadlocked with regards to voting in a new interim mayor. Fred Beavis and fellow councillor Anne Johnston each had an equal number of votes. With the consent of both candidates, the decision was made to put both names into a hat, and the name picked out of the hat would officially be pronounced interim mayor. Fred won and became Toronto's mayor until until John Sewell was elected by the public two months later.
Fred lost his council seat to NDP candidate Marilyn Churley in the 1988 municipal election. He died of pneumonia on pneumonia on July 11, 1997 at St Michael's hospital. His wife Frances died in 1980.

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Edward Beavis   Margaret O'Brien
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Frederick Joseph Beavis 1914-1997

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