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Ancestors of the Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada / Ahnen Forschung der Familien Doose & Bollinger in Kanada

  • Born 27 May 1902 - Oberkerbswalde, OPR, DE
  • Deceased in October 1992 - Waldbröl, NRW, DE , age at death: 90 years old


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Individual Note

from Marianne Kantor - his grand-daughter:
He was the owner of the dairy and cheese factory in Trunz, County Elbing, East Prussia (OPR - Ost Preussen).
In 1940 Hans Graber bought out his 10 brothers and sisters to acquire the last remaining cheese factory in Trunz.
In Schloss Kadinen lived Kaiser Wilhelm's Grandson (Louis Ferdinand) with whom my grandfather Hans Graber went hunting when he was in residence.
He abandoned Trunz at the end of January 1945. He was a Swiss national until 1939 and in 1940 took on German citizenship. This was necessary so he could continue to keep the business. He had the choice to keep the business and become German or leave everything. People with property near war zones had to be German.
He did not serve in the war until end Jan 1945 and escaped Russian captivity twice.
from Marianne Kantor - his grand-daughter:
my mother and grand parents also had to leave East Germany in a hurry – they were near Osterburg/Wittenberge in a little place called Schallun where my grandmother’s family came from. They had to go because the Stasi – or the precursor of the Stasi – wanted to deliver my grand father to the Russians for “corruption” and for “capitalistic” behaviour.
The communist mayor warned them the night before his appointment at the police which he wanted to attend. So they left everything in 1952, my grandfather Graber cycled to Berlin Potsdam where he left is bike and walked into the West, My mother and grandmother went by train. That is how they ended up in West Germany.

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  • Individual: Family information about the Graber's from Trunz, East Prussia - Marianne Kantor - great-grand-daughter of Johannes Graber

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Daniel Graber 1840-   Anna Maria Schneeberger 1846-    
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Johannes Graber 1877-ca 1936   Elisabeth Knutti
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Hans Graber 1902-1992

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