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Cette publication, pour quelques heures, est une compilation de données extraites d'un ensemble plus important, dont toutes ne sont pas vérifiées... Donc, aucune n'est garantie "exacte" !




  • A
    • ADELINE, son of André and Nadine GERMAIN.
    • ARONI, son of Jean Philippe and Monique Marie Josèphe GESTIN.
    • AVENEL, son of Michel and Annick POTET.
  • B
    • BACQUER, son of Michel and Josianne LE CUDENNEC.
    • BARBOTIN, with Gaëlle PINCEMIN.
    • BAZIL /1764-1785/ Sébastien (BAZIN)
    • BESCOND, son of Jean Jacques and Evelyne FRÉMONT, married to Laurence MARCON in 2000.
    • BLANC, son of Yves and Annie Jacqueline LEPRISÉ, with Christine LONGUY.
    • BODIN, son of Jean Yves and Béatrice LEHAY, with Claire PICOT.
    • BOINET, son of Michel and Annick (Fille de ?) GUERNION.
    • BOTCAZOU 1827-1906/, son of Joseph and X LE GROUIERES, married to Marie Jeanne SIMON in 1858.
    • BOTCAZOU 1815-1887, son of Guillaume.
    • BOTCAZOU 1797-1845/, son of Sébastien François and Marie LOZACH, married to Marguerite TROVEL in 1824.
    • BOTCAZOU 1790-1790, son of François and Jacquette LOZACH.
    • BOTCAZOU 1781-1847, son of Joseph and Anne Ou Marie-Anne OLLIVIER, married to Yvonne PLUSQUELLEC in 1800.
    • BOTCAZOU 1757-1761, son of Sébastien Jean and Marie Yvonne LE MINOUX.
    • BOTCAZOU /1707-1734/, married to Marguerite TUGDUAL in 1727.
    • BOTCAZOU 1693-1726..1731, married to Anne SCARABIN in 1718.
    • BOUGEARD, son of Patrick Hervé and Marie Christine GAUDIN, with Julie PIERRE.
    • BOUGUEN, son of Louis and Danièle NIVET.
    • BOUILLONNEC, son of Jean- Noël and Rolande LE FLOCH.
    • BRIAND 1778-1778, son of Jean and Julienne Catherine NABUCET.
    • BUREL, son of Henri and Yvonne ROBERT.
  • C
    • CAHAIGNE, with Anne Virginie BELLENCONTRE.
    • CARRÉ, daughter of Daniel and Simone BARY.
    • CARUHEL, son of Alain and Mauricette LE BRAS, with Maya X?.
    • CHATTÉ, son of René and Annie DARCEL, with Marie Françoise ZITTE.
    • CHATTON, son of Yves and Adrienne TURBIN.
    • CITTÉ 1825-, son of Pierre 2 and Marguerite Catherine GUILLOU.
    • COLAS, son of Loïc and Merie Pierre LE COZ.
    • COUESPEL 1679-, son of Mathurin and Louise HINGANT.
    • COUTANCEAU, with Myriam PERNET.
  • D
    • DARCOURT, with Nolwenn Yvonick Marie Eliane GUIODO.
    • DAVANTURE, son of Patrice and Catherine CHATILLON.
    • DEGENEVE, married to Agnès Odette LE GUELLEC in 1989.
    • DELIGNY, son of René Paul and Danielle Marie MORVAN.
    • DESNOS, with Pascale MOREL.
    • DUBOIS, son of Michel DUBOS and Françoise LE RUDULIER.
    • DUCHAMP, son of Jacques and Marianne VAN REEDE, with Cindy ARNE.
    • DUVAL, with Stéphanie SALOMON.
  • E
    • ERNU, son of Daniel Eugène and Josiane FABRE.
  • F
    • FAMIANO, with Céline Jocelyne HERVÉ.
    • FERRY, son of Michel and Claudine AILLAUD.
  • G
    • GAIGNARD, married to Catherine GINISTY in 1997.
    • GAILLARD 1684-, son of François and Jeanne LE GALLAIS.
    • GEORGES, married to Clémence LE BOUDER in 2005.
    • GESTIN 1831-, son of Yves and Marie Perrine LE FLOUR.
    • GUERNION, son of René and Yvette CORDON.
    • GUERRIC, son of Jacques and Rose Marie DUPORT.
    • GUILLER, son of Patrick and Josette LE SAGE.
    • GUILLOU 1820-1889/, married to Marie Joseph LE MAY in 1889.
    • GUINARD, son of Maurice and Marie Thérèse (Fille de ?) GUERNION, with Delphine Patricia LESAGE.
  • H
    • HAMON 1685-, son of Jacques and Hélène de QUÉLEN.
    • HERVÉ, son of Jean René and Anne Marcelle BOURDOIS, married to Patricia SAMSON in 2015.
    • HESS, with Katell LE ROUX.
    • HINAULT, son of Michel and Annie CAMARD, with Anne Françoise BAUDET.
    • HINAULT, son of N31 and Ne MAUDET.
    • HOUILLON, son of Michel and Muriel HUGUET.
  • J
    • JARGOT, with Emmanuelle Julie BOURGES.
    • JÉGOU 1755-, son of Charles and Catherine SIMON.
  • K
  • L
    • LABBÉ ca 1793-1820/, married to Charlotte DANIEL in 1820.
    • LE BAIL 1758-, son of Etienne and Françoise LE TOUX.
    • LE BOEDEC 1736-1741, son of François and Françoise (GOVET) GOUET.
    • LE BRETON 1695-, son of Louis and Olive PHILIPPE.
    • LE CORGUILLÉ 1722-1766/, son of Louis and Catherine GAUTIER, married to Jeanne RONDEL in 1749.
    • LE CORGUILLÉ ca 1656-1728, married to Françoise BOURGAULT in 1685.
    • LE COUSTER, son of Christian and Maryvonne DUVAL.
    • LE CROM 1730-, son of Guillaume and Marie LE GUÉVEL.
    • LE DEUFF ca 1780-1785, son of Guillaume and Françoise SIMON.
    • LE DIOURON 1873-1945, son of Jean Marie and Marie Jeanne LE CAM, married to Jeanne Marie LE POULENNEC in 1903.
    • LE FLOUR 1793-, son of Guillaume and Marie Jeanne 2 STEUNOU.
    • LE FLOUR 1743-1792..1810, son of Louis and Anne 2 LACHATER, married to Marie Renée BOURGES in 1792.
    • LE FLOUR 1720-1795, son of Yves and Julienne LE CROM, married to Anne 2 LE MOAL in 1747.
    • LE GALL 1758-, son of Guillaume and Catherine 2 LE MINOUX.
    • LE GLANIC, son of Lionel and Mireille STRIFFLING.
    • LE GOFF 1837-1888, son of Yves Marie and Marie Gabriel (Marie Louise) PHILIPPE, married to Marie Philomène MOY in 1863, Marie Yvonne LE CHEVILLER in 1876.
    • LE GOFF 1808-1850/, son of Yves and Angélique Julienne LE MEN, married to Marie Renée GRIMAULT in 1836.
    • LE LEPVRIER 1845-, son of Sébastien and Marie Jeanne RANNOU.
    • LE LEPVRIER 1812-1869, son of Bertrand Yves and Marie LE PROVOST, married to Marie Jeanne RANNOU in 1842.
    • LE MÉE 1701-1742/, son of Vincent and Françoise ROBERT, married to Jeanne ECOUBLET in 1728.
    • LE MÉE 1698-1698, son of Vincent and Françoise FRANÇOIS.
    • LE MEN 1804-1818, son of Jean and Marie Jacquette LE DIOURON.
    • LE MEN 1804-1869, son of Jean and Marie Anne LACHATER, married to Marie Jeanne PEUROU in 1834.
    • LE MEN 1733-1787, son of Prigent and Marie LE BIHANNIC, married to Jeanne Françoise LE FLOHIC in 1754.
    • LE MEN 1727-1804, son of Jean and Marie LE ROUX, married to Julienne Marie LAVIRON in 1754.
    • LE MEN 1696-, son of Sébastien and Philipette LE DIOURON.
    • LE MEN 1660/-1737, married to Philipette LE DIOURON in 1690.
    • LE MÉNER 1726-, son of Sylvestre Sosa676 and Anne Sosa677 MORVAN.
    • LE QUERNEC ca 1668-1717, married to Anne LE COCQ in 1715.
    • LE ROUX /1890-1909/, married to Joséphine Marie PRAT in 1909.
    • LE SAGE 1730-1758/, son of Jacques and Marie Anne Rose GOUÉZIN, married to Jacquemine Claude GUILLOIS in 1751.
    • LE SOLLEU, married to Eléonore STÉPHAN in 2012.
    • LE VERGÉ, son of Jean Yves and Gabrielle LACHATER.
    • LEMONIER, son of Pascal and Chantal CAMUS.
    • LORANT 1776-1821..1859, son of Jean and Elisabeth HELLIO, married to Jeanne BAUDET in 1811.
    • LORANT ca 1747-1773..1779, son of Sébastien and Anne POULAIN, married to Jeanne Marie PHILIPPE in 1769.
    • LORANT 1727-1814, son of Sébastien and Anne JOUANNY, married to Anne POULAIN in 1746.
    • LORANT 1698-1769, son of Sébastien and Péronnelle LOQUEN, married to Anne JOUANNY in 1724.
    • LORANT 1650-1698/, son of Toussaint and Anne HERVÉ, married to Péronnelle LOQUEN in 1689.
    • LOYER, married to Céline THÉPOT in 1985.
  • M
    • MAILFER, son of Gérard and Corinne BRIEN, with Stéphanie ROUSSEAU.
    • MARC, with Lucile Mireille LE BARBU.
    • MARCHAND, son of Jean Louis and Martine Fernande MOUQUET.
    • MAREAUX, son of Henri and Marie Hélène HERVÉ.
    • MAURY, with Marie Caroline VAILLANT.
    • MERVEAUX, son of Jean Marie and Chantal BOULANGER, with Anne Laure PÉAN.
    • MEUROU 1772-, son of Jean and Françoise LE FLOUR.
    • MICHEL 1827-, son of Bernard and Jeanne Yvonne LE DIOURON.
    • MORIN, son of Jean-Pierre and Florence RIVET.
  • N
    • NICOLLE, son of Bernard and Gisèle MERMET.
    • NICOU, son of Hervé and Fabienne NIVOT.
    • NUS, with Anne Claire WEISBECK.
  • O
  • P
    • PARLOUËR, son of Joël and Joëlle LE MAOUT, with Sandrine PROVOST.
    • PASDELOUP, son of Pascal and Béatrice JOULIN.
    • PASQUALINI, son of Bernard and Nicole GOUPILLAUD, married to Nathalie MAINCENT in 2007.
    • PÉRENNES, son of Marc and Marie Jeanne HEICHE.
    • PÉREZ, with Christelle BONENFANT.
    • PERNET, son of Bruno Michel and Catherine Marie Hélène CHARRE.
    • PETERS, married to Agnès Odette LE GUELLEC in 1990.
    • PHILIPPE 1735-1791/, son of Julien and Marie CORLAY, married to Françoise BEYO in 1775.
    • PHILIPPE 1665-1710/, son of Pierre and Jeanne QUÉHET, married to Yvonne MICHEL in 1694, Anne QUÉHET in 1701.
    • PILORGET ca 1670-1735, married to Mathurine LE NOIR in 1693.
    • POËSSEL 1750-1821, married to Françoise 1 LE MEUR in 1781.
    • PRIGENT 1718-1772, son of Louis and Louise EZVOAN, married to Marie LE POMMELEC in 1752.
  • R
    • RENAULT, son of N and Ne X.
    • RENOIS, son of Bernard Lucien René and Nicole Henriette Marie LAFONT.
    • RIBOULET, son of Jean and Jeannette Roselyne EVEN.
    • RICHARD, son of Loîc and Pascale BROUARD.
    • RIGAL, with Delphine DUHAUTOY.
    • ROBERT 1859-, son of Pierre Marie and Sébastienne Françoise MÉHEUST.
    • ROBERT 1722-1723, son of Marc and Toussainte FRANÇOIS.
    • ROBERT 1620-, son of Guillaume Sosa1716 and Jacquemine Sosa1717 LUCAS.
    • ROBERT ca 1579-1618, son of Guillaume Sosa6864 and Ne Sosa6865 X?.
    • ROSSI, with Ketty RUPERT.
    • ROUAULT, son of Gilbert and Edith SIMON.
    • ROUXEL 1729-, son of Jacques Sosa200 and Marie Sosa201 GEFFRAIN-OU-JAFFRAIN.
  • S
    • SAINT-CLAIR, son of Dominique and Ghislaine ANTOINE.
    • SILSIGUEN /1752-1805, son of Pierre and Anne DERRIEN, married to Jeanne LE SABAZEC in 1778.
    • SIMON 1727-, son of Prigent and Françoise RUPEREAU.
    • SOUPLET, son of Pierre and Martine OISEL.
  • T
    • TAHIER, son of Yannick and Nadine LEMORE, with Laurence MINOZZO.
    • THORAVAL 1817-1869/, son of François and Jeanne CHEVILLER, married to Marguerite LE DRET in 1836, Marie Anne LOZACH in 1862.
    • THORAVAL 1707-1772, son of Mathurin and Catherine MILON, married to Marie LE ROUX in 1735, Madeleine LE MAUJOUAN in 1740.
    • TORRÈS, married to Soazic LAGRÉE in 2005.
    • TOUZÉ ca 1788-1835/, married to Véronique Marie GOMET in 1820.
    • TROUAL 1767-1767, son of Jean (TROEL,TROVEL) and Anne (Marie Anne) JOUAN.
  • V
    • VAUTIER, son of Norbert and Annie DUVAL, with Laura GIMENEZ.
    • VEILLON, son of Jacques Paul and Sylvie LE PROVOST.
    • VIALARD, son of Jean Marie Pierre and Catherine Suzanne Marie GROT.

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