• BRINK 1902-1980, son of Hendrik Gerard and Huberta Deliana SCHOLTE, married to Nantje Jantien Annechien MEIJER in 1926.
  • BRINK 1839-1910, son of Gerrit Rinzes and Trijntje HILLEBRAND, married to Grietje FENNEMA in 1863.
  • COOPMANS 1770-1826, son of Claas Rinses and Jikke Hiddes de VRIES, married to Janke CNOOP in 1796.
  • POSTUMA 1867-1962, son of Rinse Rinses and Martje Jetses VISSER, married to Antje STATEMA in 1890.
  • SEMLER 1777, married to Johanna WEISMA.
  • TERPSTRA 1911-1978, son of Jan and Grietje VLIEGENDEHOND, married to Cecilia JONGA in 1940.
  • VRIES (de) 1868, married to Aafje ENDSTRA in 1916.
  • ZIJLSTRA 1927-2017, son of Ane Jelle and Pietje POSTUMA, married to S van DALEN in 1956.