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  • Born 20 March 1861 - Ruds-Vedby, Holbæk Amt
  • Baptized 25 March 1861 - Ruds-Vedby, Holbæk Amt
  • Deceased 7 June 1955 - Medicine Lake, Sheridan County, Montana, USA,aged 94 years old
  • Buried 10 June 1955 - Brethren Cemetary, Froid, Montana, USA


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Ruth Ellen Maness, Danish researcher, found the record of Sophie's christening in the Family History Library IGI - Sophie Thomsen, christened 25 March 1861 in Ruds-Vedby parish, Holbæk County, Denmark. She then checked the Parish Registers of Ruds-Vedby (FHL film 049433) and found: Born 20 March 1861, christened 25 March 1861, Sophie, illegitimate daughter of the "lady of the night", Maren Sophie Christoffersdatter, and the released (dismissed), pensioned school teacher Thomsen living at Vedby Mark. She then searched the 1860 Census (FHL film 039551 item 1) for Thomsen's first name: living alone in a household in the village of Vedby was the unmarried Christen Thomsen, age 56, released, pensioned school teacher. She searched for Sophie's confirmation record to find her true patronymic surname but she was not confirmed in Ruds-Vedby parish. Her patronymic surname would have been Christensdatter since her father's name was Christen Thomsen.
A search was made of the "moving-out lists" (Afgangslister) for Ruds-Vedby parish and between May and July of 1864 the unmarried female, Maren Sophie Christoffersen, age 25, who had been working at Schoolteacher Thomsen's house, moved to Slaglille parish in Sorø County to work for Jens Larsen at Bronsmark.

From The Sorensen Family by Grant Sorensen - Both Sophia and her mother, Maren, attended Baptist gatherings in Denmark in a private home. These were secret meetings and if they had done this openly they would have been ridiculed, scorned, and maybe even stoned.
Sophia had an inheritance of some size coming from her father but she had to be 21 and unmarried in order to receive it. On March 21, 1882, she became Mrs. Fred Sorensen, after an aquaintance of just 6 weeks. Later that Spring, they with others and her Mother, Maren, left for the US. Sophia was pregnant on the boat but lost the baby due to a miscarriage.

From the 1900 Cottonwood Co Minnesota Census for Westbrook Township:
Sophia is listed with her husband Fred Sorensen in Enumeration District 16, family number 29. It states that she was born in March of 1861, was 39 years old, had been married 18 years, and was the mother of 13 children, 11 still living (twin boys had died). She and both her parents were born in Denmark. She emigrated in 1882 and had been in the US 18 years.

Plentywood Herald, 13 October 1949 - Medicine Lake Octogenarian, Here Since 1913, Still Active Despite Age - A Medicine Lake woman who was born more the 88 years ago in Denmark is still spry enough to get around and do a lot of things that many a younger woman can not do. The octogenarian is Mrs. Sophia Sorenson who came to live in Sheridan County back in 1913.
Mrs. Sorenson was born 20 March 1861 at Saby, Sjalland, Denmark, the daughter of a Professor of Languages who taught in Denmark for more than 20 years.
Her professor-father died while she was still in her teens and she helped her mother earn a living by spinning yarn on the same spinning wheel on which she had learned the art of spinning in her tender years. It had belonged to her grandmother who taught her spinning.
Throughout her life she has cherished that spinning wheel, now a 175 years old and which she brought with her when she came to America.
Romance, of course, came to this young Danish girl and she was married to Frederick W. Sorenson in her native country March 21, 1882.
A month later the newlyweds started on a very long honeymoon. They boarded an immigrant ship for the land of promise, America!
The first home of the young couple was on the bridegroom's homestead near Westbrook in Minnesota.
The "near" hardly describes the town because it was 40 miles away and the early trips were made by team and wagon for supplies for the pioneers.
That was the Sorenson home for nearly 20 years but in 1901 they felt the urge to push further west and settled on a farm in Becker County, Minnesota, just east of Fargo, North Dakota.
But in 1913, after 4 of their children had taken homesteads in Sheridan County, the Sorensons decided that here at last was the ideal western place they sought. They settled on a farm in the Volmer area.
Trials of the pioneers were theirs in the new land but those hardships seemed to have had a way of strengthening, rather than weakening the hardy Mrs. Sorenson; for today, the little lady who is nearing 90, gives every appearance of being able to meet the world and give a good account of herself in spite of her years.
Mrs. Sorenson is the mother of 16 children, 9 of whom are still living. She has 43 grandchildren and 47 great-grandchildren, scattered from Alaska to the Panama Canal and from Hawaii to Michigan. Children living in Sheridan County are Mrs. William Deem of Medicine Lake with whom she makes her home and Mrs. Einer Larsen also of Medicine Lake.
In the twilight of her years Mrs. Sorenson still delights in getting out the old spinning wheel now and then, as she did for the Plentywood Herald during the recent Harvest Festival when she spun yarn for throngs of onlookers in the Herald's booth at the City Auditorium.
Mr. Sorenson died in 1930 and since that time she has made her home among her children.

Medicine Lake Matron Rites Held on Friday
The Reverend Ray Benhardus, pastor of the Baptist Church in McCabe, officiated at funeral services last Friday, June 10th, for Mrs. Sophia Sorenson, 94, Medicine Lake.
Conducted at 2 pm, service was held in the Medicine Lake Lutheran Church and burial was in the family plot in the Brethren Church cemetery 10 miles east of Froid. Pallbearers were 6 grandsons: Glynn Deem, Manard Torgerson, Art Torgerson, and Lowell Rasmussen all from the Medicine Lake area, and Emmett Tyson and Ronald Mills, Minot, North Dakota.
Sophia Josephine Tompson was born on March 20, 1861 at Saby, Sjelland, Denmark to Professor and Mrs. Christian Tompson. Her childhood years were spent with her parents near and in Copenhagen where Professor Tompson was an educator.
During those years in Denmark she was active in the work of the Baptist Church, serving in any capacity she was able.
On March 22, 1882, she became the bride of Frederich W. Sorenson who had first come to the United States in 1869, and as an American and immigration officer, had returned to Denmark on business. The couple emigrated to the United States shortly, and after a brief stay in New York they journeyed on the southern Minnesota where they homesteaded near Windom.
About 20 years later the Sorensons migrated with their families to northern Minnesota, and in 1918 they moved to the Volmer community in Sheridan County, Montana, to be near several of their children who had homesteaded there. Sixteen children were born to the couple, seven of whom preceded their mother in death.
Mr. Sorenson in April 1930, and since then his wife made her home among her daughters, Mrs. Marie Tyson and Mrs. Orval Mills, North Dakota, and Mrs. William Deem and Mrs. Einer Larsen, Medicine Lake.
Prior to her death, Mrs. Sorenson was quite active until the last 15 months preceding when she was afflicted with a lingering illness. However, she kept doing whatever she could to keep in touch with relatives and friends through letter writing and visits. She was always active in church and WMS work and cared for aged persons several times in her home.
Survivors include 7 daughters--Mrs. Priscilla Madsen and Mrs. Hannah Busk, Michigan, Mrs. Marie Tyson and Mrs. Orval Mills, North Dakota, and Mrs. Olive Rasmussen, Mrs. William Deem, and Mrs. Einer Larsen, Medicine Lake; and 2 sons--David, Minnesota, and Alfred, Thompson Falls; also 45 grandchildren, 89 great-grandchildren, and 5 great-great-grandchildren.

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