Marie "Adèle", Marie Adèle


  • ?
    • ? 1826-, with Charles Émile PETITE.
  • A
    • AMIEZ 1839-1903, daughter of Emmanuel and Marie Mélanie GUILLEMIN, married to Jules André VIEILLE in 1864.
    • AMIEZ 1821-, daughter of Charles Victor and Marie Augustine BEUQUE, married to Marie Séraphin ROUSSELET in 1846, Charles Joseph LANDRY in 1854.
    • AMIOT 1813-1836, daughter of Jean François and Marie Augustine GROCHE, married to Prothade Philémon GAUTHIER in 1834.
    • AYMONIN 1852-1925, married to Jules Emmanuel BONNET in 1874.
  • B
    • BAILLY 1853-1912, with François Émile REUILLE.
    • BARRAND GAUTHIER 1861-, daughter of Charles Joseph and Marie Adèle RISSE.
    • BARRAND GAUTHIER 1842-1864, daughter of Augustin Aimable and Marie Virginie TOCHOT.
    • BARRAND GAUTHIER 1817-1838, daughter of Basile and Marie Louise GARNIRON.
    • BARRAND MAGNIN FEYSOT 1883-1969, daughter of Joséphine Élise BARRAND GAUTHIER, married to Lucien Agile VERNEREY JACQUOT in 1905.
    • BARTHOD 1829-, married to Charles "Émile" LÉCHINE in 1857.
    • BARTHOD MICHEL 1874-1950, daughter of Michel Félicien Adonis and Marie Adèle LAMBERT.
    • BAUD 1845-, daughter of Claude Alexis and Rose Séraphine VIELLE.
    • BAVEREL LANE ca 1830-1843, daughter of Étienne François and Marie Madeleine CHABOD.
    • BÉCOULET 1915-1984, daughter of Charles Marie Joseph and Marie Delphine Alvina ROUSSEY, married to Maurice Félicien Ulysse PRIEUR in 1945.
    • BÉJEANNIN 1847-, daughter of Joseph Marie and Marie Julie BOURGEOIS PHILIPPET, married to Paul Auguste PETETIN in 1866.
    • BÉLIARD 1851-1894, daughter of Jean Baptiste Ambroise and Marie Adélaïde VIENNET, married to Édouard Félicien MOREL in 1885.
    • BENOÎT 1850-, married to Virgile Séraphin RIÈME in 1874.
    • BÉPOIX 1855-1944, daughter of Étienne Augustin and Marie Constance BARTHOD MICHEL, married to Paul Ulysse GUINCHARD PELLETIER in 1877.
    • BERTIN 1830-1914, daughter of Claude Barnabé BERTIN LA SUZANNE and Jeanne Mélitine BONNET, married to François Vital FAIVRE in 1855.
    • BERTIN 1821-1889, married to Charles Juste Séraphin LANCHY in 1848.
    • BERTIN 1820-1892, with Aimable Delphin GABRY.
    • BERTIN MOUROT 1869-1957, daughter of Damas and Marie Donatine DROZ VINCENT.
    • BESANÇON MATHILE 1856-, daughter of Luc Joseph and Joséphine Zoé PAGNIER RITON, married to Paul Alexandre BOURGEOIS MOINE in 1877.
    • BESAND 1857-1913, daughter of Louis Joseph and Marie Josette FAIVRE PIERRET, married to Charles Émile VIENNET in 1882.
    • BETSCHEN 1829-1890, daughter of Samuel and Marie Rosalie CUPILLARD, married to François Humbert BALANCHE in 1857.
    • BILLOD 1848-, married to Louis Florin ROGNON in 1887.
    • BILLOD LAILLET 1838-, daughter of François Joseph and Marie Constance JOURNOT.
    • BLONDEAU COULET 1816-, daughter of Jean François Dit "Zizi" and Jeanne Thérèse CORDIER, with Jean Joseph PAGNIER.
    • BOISSENIN 1874-1956, daughter of François Émile and Marie Delphine ORSAT, married to Alphonse Joseph Hubert BOILLON in 1896.
    • BOISSENIN 1831-1899, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Éléonore MOUGIN, married to Philippe Arsène FAIVRE in 1869.
    • BOISSENIN 1827-, daughter of Jean François Xavier and Marie Dorothée "Rosalie" FAIVRE, married to François Joseph PERRETTE in 1853.
    • BÔLE DU CHÔMONT 1828-1892, daughter of Modeste Xavier and Marie Françoise CRESSIER, with François Félicien ORSAT.
    • BOLLE PICARD 1856-, daughter of Louis André and Lucine Virginie DROZ PÉCARI, married to Jean Marcellin SOTTAS in 1883.
    • BONNET 1844-, married to Léon QUERRY in 1874.
    • BONNET 1837-1919, daughter of François Xavier and Reine Françoise Séraphine NICOD LAURENT, married to Charles Albert ISABEY in 1863, Charles Hippolyte VIPREY in 1874.
    • BOURDENET 1849-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Eugénie LOUIS JACQUET, married to Philippe JACQUET PIERROULET in 1869.
    • BOURGEOIS PHILIPPET 1859-, daughter of Charles Auguste and Marie Virginie GRIFFON BOITIER, married to Odon Jules César PAGNIER BÉGUET in 1895.
    • BOURNEZ 1829-1889, daughter of Charles Zéphirin and Marie Victoire FORÊT.
    • BOUVERET RECULFOZ 1816-1879, daughter of Alexandre Joseph and Marie Victoire BLONDEAU TOINY, with Joseph Victor BOUVERET RECULFOZ.
    • BRASEY 1855-1940, daughter of Jean Joseph Colomban and Hortense FAIVRE, with Étienne Gustave DREZET.
    • BULLE 1860-, married to Émile Joseph TISSOT BEZ in 1893.
    • BULLE, with Casimir BRAILLARD.
  • C
    • CASSARD 1885-, married to Louis Ulysse GARNACHE CREUILLOT in 1907.
    • CELLES 1817-1846, married to François Joseph VAUCHY in 1845.
    • CHABOD ROGNON 1855-, daughter of François Alexandre Delphin and Marie Alexis DORNIER.
    • CHANEZ 1883-1959, daughter of Gustave François and Anne Marie FRAICHOT, married to Vital François Léopold BÔLE TRÉLY in 1911.
    • CHANEZ 1822-1898, daughter of Jean Claude and Marie Rose BARRAND GAUTHIER, married to Jean François FRAICHOT in 1855.
    • CHEVALET 1837-, daughter of Pierre Constant and Marie Rose LONCHAMPT VUILLAMET.
    • CHEVÈNEMENT 1861-, daughter of Joseph Emmanuel and Marie Athanase BARTHOD MICHEL, married to Sévère Augustin BARTHOD MALAT in 1885.
    • CHEVÈNEMENT, married to Charles Aimé RAVIER in 1875.
    • COMBE 1832-1910, daughter of Marie Victoire COMBE, married to Jules Emmanuel CORDIER CARQUE in 1851.
    • COULOT 1875-, daughter of Alphonse Félicien and Marie Hermance BLANC.
    • CUENOT BATHAUD 1846-1885, daughter of Constant Louis Joseph and Marie Baptiste BOURNEL BOSSON, married to Philibert Marcellin FAIVRE PULET in 1873.
    • CUENOT BATHAUD 1822-1874, daughter of Jean François and Anne Marie Maxence FRAICHOT, married to Clovis Auguste BERGER in 1847.
    • CUPILLARD 1831-1842, daughter of François Alexis and Marie Alexis REUILLE.
    • CUPILLARD CURCOL 1835-, daughter of Aimé and Marie Josèphe GAIFFE.
    • CURLIER 1840-1908, daughter of François Victor and Julie Virginie VUEZ, married to Armand Fortunat GUYON GELLIN in 1864.
  • D
    • DARD 1833-1889, married to Jean Baptiste PARACHIE in 1857.
    • DELACHAUX 1882-, with François Joseph Xavier VUILLEMIN.
    • DESFORÊT 1825-1903, with Joseph Aimable JOUILLE.
    • DORNIER 1871-1955, daughter of Joseph Maurice and Herminie DORNIER, married to Édouard Victor FAIVRE in 1900.
    • DORNIER, married to Victorin Joseph LIGIER in 1860.
    • DREZET 1835-1849, daughter of François Augustin Philémon and Marie Adélaïde BELOT.
    • DREZET 1831-, daughter of Jean Chrisosthome and Marie Séraphine BELOT.
    • DREZET 1827-1909, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie Angélique BRUTILLOT.
    • DROMARD 1907-1907, daughter of Gustave Émile and Marie "Delphine" Élise MESNIER PIERROUTET LA CÔTE.
    • DROZ PÉCARI 1861-1942, daughter of François Séraphin and Caroline DROZ PÉCARI, married to Vincent Léon MARTIN in 1882.
    • DUBOZ 1836-, daughter of Éloi and Marie Sophie DUMONT.
  • F
    • FAIVRE 1827-, daughter of Pierre Claude and Marie Josephte MERCIER, married to Louis Albin JEANJACQUOT in 1855.
    • FAIVRE CHALON 1828-1875, daughter of Étienne François and Marie Sylvie CAILLE.
    • FAVROT BÉGAUD 1876-1968, daughter of Joseph Alexis and Sophie Lucie GUYON BENOÎT, married to Joseph Adolphe MICHAUD FIDEY in 1899.
    • FRELET 1850-1930, daughter of François Auguste and Claudine Antoinette Eugénie COURVOISIER, with Auguste Ferrier LAFFLY.
  • G
    • GANEVAT 1820-1847, married to Joseph Emmanuel LONCHAMP in 1845.
    • GAULARD 1822-1867, married to Charles Aimé VILLECOT in 1847.
    • GAUTHIER 1828-1887, married to Aimé Nicodème BOURDENET DURFORT in 1857.
    • GENRE TOUQUET 1852-, daughter of Pierre Joseph and Marie Félicienne TURBERG, married to Charles Ernest BULLE in 1879.
    • GIRARD 1865-1941, daughter of Claude Ignace Constant and Marie Delphine PAULIN, married to Jean Baptiste "Virgile" BOUCHER in 1886.
    • GIRARD 1850-1938, daughter of François Joseph and Rosalie PARROD, married to François "Flavien" DESCOURVIÈRES in 1875.
    • GIRARD 1829-1897/, daughter of François Victor and Marie Alexandrine PÔNE.
    • GIROD LÉONARD 1824-1890, daughter of Pierre Emmanuel and Anne Gabrielle PERRAD, married to "Daniel" Philomène CORDIER in 1859.
    • GRIFFON BOITIER 1837-, daughter of "Claude" Étienne and Marie Mélitine FAVROT.
    • GRIFFOND RICHARD 1858-1858, daughter of Jean Paul and Marie Augustine CORDIER.
    • GRILLET 1864-1907, daughter of Jean Baptiste Victor and Dyonise DENISET, married to Marie "Joseph" Paul Alexis VAUCHERET in 1886.
    • GUÉNEAU 1867-1873, daughter of Claude and Marie Constance Stéphanie ROUSSEL GALLE PERRON.
    • GUIGNARD ca 1817-, daughter of François Xavier Zéphirin and Claude Françoise DEPIERRE, married to François Auguste POCHARD in 1842.
    • GUINCHARD 1842-1843, daughter of François Ferdinand and Marie Constantine CHAGROT.
    • GUINCHARD PELLETIER 1852-1932, daughter of Isidore François and Marie Charlotte BARRAND GAUTHIER, married to François Adolphe BARÇON in 1883.
    • GUINCHARD PELLETIER 1836-1909, daughter of Joseph Gilbert and Josette Séraphine LÉTONDAL.
    • GUINCHARD PELLETIER 1832-1902, daughter of Claude Honoré and Marie Françoise GILLARD, married to Charles Louis BÔLE DU CHÔMONT in 1855.
    • GUYENET 1856-, married to "Jules" Joseph VUILLERMOT in 1881.
    • GUYON VEUILLET 1852-1936, with Émile Séraphin DUBIEZ.
  • H
    • HANRIOT 1828-ca 1903, daughter of François Xavier and Marie Françoise Adélaïde MARGUET LE GROS, married to François Xavier DROMARD in 1861.
  • J
    • JACASSE †1894/, with Charles Auguste FAIVRE.
  • K
    • KOHLER, married to Adrien BOIGEGRAIN in 1911.
  • L
    • LALLEMAND 1859-1953, daughter of Bruno Ferréol and Marie Françoise Judith GUINCHARD PELLETIER, with Aimé Ernest TISSOT.
    • LAMBERT 1859-, married to Jules Arthur BARRAND GAUTHIER in 1883.
    • LAMBERT 1835-1890, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Claude Reine GAUDARD, married to Michel Félicien Adonis BARTHOD MICHEL in 1866.
    • LAVENNE 1868-1938, married to Aimable COURVOISIER in 1886.
    • LÉCHINE 1850-1850, daughter of Félix Constantin Dit "Constant" and Marie Adélaïde SANCEY.
    • LÉCHINE 1830-1863, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marthe Françoise RAVIER, married to Alexandre BRUTILLOT in 1855.
    • LÉCHINE 1829-1899, daughter of François Joseph and Marie Adélaïde VIVOT, married to François Maurice BERGER in 1853.
    • LÉTONDAL ca 1835-, daughter of Claude François and Marie Jeanne Françoise BARBAUD, married to Auguste Angélique LOUVRIER in 1862.
    • LIÈVREMONT 1842-, daughter of François and Marie Rosalie BOURGEOIS, married to François Xavier ROBBE GRILLET in 1867.
    • LIÈVREMONT 1825-, daughter of Jean Flavien and Jeanne Marie Théophile JEANNEROD, married to François Éléonor JEANTET in 1846, Victor Élie JEANTET in 1862.
    • LONCHAMPT VUILLAMET 1835-1920, married to Louis Philippe Auguste LONCHAMPT PETIT in 1863.
  • M
    • MAILLET 1848-1903, married to Jules François Léon BESANÇON MATHILE in 1872.
    • MALFROY 1833-1915, daughter of Aimé and Jeanne Joseph Eugénie JOUFFROY, married to Joseph Simon CARREZ MATHIOULET in 1858.
    • MARÉCHAL 1852-, daughter of François Augustin and Marie Célestine BRISELANCE, married to Pierre Cyrille DROMARD in 1875.
    • MARGUET 1833-, daughter of Jean Claude Ferréol and Marie Sylvie HENRIET CLAUDISET DE NAILLIN, married to Jean Édouard LHOMME in 1852.
    • MARGUIER 1822-1852, married to Sylvain GARNACHE CHIQUET in 1848.
    • MATHIS 1846-1933, with Alphonse Isidore PETITJEAN.
    • MESNIER 1867-1939, with Émile Alexandre BOURDENET.
    • MICHEL AMADRY 1854-1906/, daughter of François Xavier and Marie Françoise Joséphine BERTIN MOUROT.
    • MOLLARD 1856-1947, married to Pierre Louis BOURNEZ in 1875, Florentin Apollon GILLARDOT in 1889.
    • MONNIER 1821-1888, daughter of Denis Victor and Jeanne Augustine GROD, married to Zéphirin Julien MACLE in 1849.
    • MONNIN 1830-, married to Jean Joseph Ferdinand BALANCHE in 1853.
    • MÜHR 1883-1968, married to Émile Alphonse TATTU MARÉCHAL in 1904.
  • N
    • NICOD †1885, with François Victor CATTET.
  • P
    • PARRENIN ca 1813-, daughter of Casimir Auguste Prosper and Marie Élisabeth Victoire DARD dite JEANTOT, married to Jean Joseph BOISSENIN in 1839.
    • PATTON 1857-, daughter of Félix Joseph and Marie Delphine DODANE GABRY, married to Agile Charles "Édouard" QUERRY in 1884.
    • PAUTHIER 1858-1898, daughter of François Ferdinand and Caroline DUMONT.
    • PERROT 1848-, married to Étienne Joseph DHÔTE in 1871.
    • PERROT 1837-1870, married to Louis Aimé JOLY in 1856.
    • PERROT CLAUDOT 1829-, daughter of Ignace Ferréol and Marie Delphine Eugénie CORDIER GEORGE, married to François Félix GAUTHIER in 1863.
    • PETIT RICHARD 1820-, daughter of Ignace Joseph and Josèphe Marie Jeanne GÉLION, with Pierre Victor ROY.
    • PICHOT 1817-1864, married to Jean François LOMBARDOT in 1844.
    • POÈTE 1840-, daughter of Pierre Joseph and Jeanne Marguerite CURTY.
    • POÈTE 1825-, daughter of Pierre Joseph and Jeanne Marguerite CURTY.
    • POIX DAUDÉ 1833-1893, married to François Albin GUINCHARD LE MAIRE in 1863.
    • PÔNE †1868, with Cyrille VIONNET.
    • POURCHET 1861-1932, daughter of Aimable Fortuné and Adélaïde Joséphine MUSY, married to Louis François MOYSE PHILIBERT in 1884.
    • POURCHET 1830-, married to François Ulysse CHOPARD LALLIER in 1857.
    • POYARD 1843-1935, daughter of Charles Ferdinand and Jeanne Reine CASSARD CLAUDOUTOT, married to Pierre Julien MOUGIN in 1876, Alexandre Séraphin LEGUIN in 1881.
    • PROUDHON 1859-1859, daughter of Aimé Delphin and Marie Delphine PRUDHON.
  • Q
    • QUENOT 1861-1931, married to Marie Maxime Alexandre JEANNINGROS in 1883.
  • R
    • RAGUET 1830-, daughter of Nicolas Joseph and Marie Justine ALZINGRE, married to Paul GUINCHARD PELLETIER in 1856.
    • RAVIER 1860-1897, daughter of François Maximin and Marie Zénobie BARTHOD, married to Édouard NICOD in 1889.
    • RÉGNIER 1820-1876, daughter of X and Jeanne Marie MASSON, married to François Zéphirin DELACHAUX in 1856.
    • RIGAUD 1826-1896, daughter of Claude Joseph and Marie Françoise BOUQUET, married to Aimable Charles Louis GAIFFE in 1860.
    • RISSE 1828-1893, daughter of Alexis and Jeanne Catherine BARRAND GAUTHIER, married to Charles Joseph BARRAND GAUTHIER in 1849.
    • RISSE 1826-1897, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Euphrasie HUMBERT.
    • ROGNON 1858-, married to François "Cyprien" JACQUIER in 1882.
    • ROY 1840-, daughter of Édouard Fridolin and Marie Césarine HUMBERT, married to Joseph Adolphe ROBBE GRILLET in 1868.
    • ROY 1807-1888, daughter of Barthélémy and Marie Gabrielle BARRAND GAUTHIER.
    • ROYET ca 1823-1848, daughter of Claude Joseph and Marie Ludivine Adélaïde Reine FAVROT BÉGAUD.
  • S
    • SINGIER 1865-, married to Jules Némorin BONNOT in 1897.
  • T
    • TAILLARD 1819-, daughter of François Xavier and Anne Françoise BERGER.
    • TISSOT 1852-1919, daughter of Joseph Clément and Françoise Florentine GAUTHIER, married to François Ernest GENRE GRANDPIERRE in 1878.
    • TOURAIN 1841-, daughter of Claude Joseph and Marie Claudine Adélaïde CATTET.
    • TOURNIER 1869-1869, daughter of Charles Édouard and Marie Élise BONNET.
    • TOURNIER 1825-1911, married to Eugène Alphonse PERTUSIER in 1848.
    • TOURNIER PÉTAUD 1821-, daughter of Claude Isidore and Jeanne Célestine DREZET, mother of Marie Célinie.
  • V
    • VACELET 1848-1917, daughter of Augustin and Françoise Appoline MERCIER.
    • VACELET 1848-1917, married to Félicien Armand GRILLET in 1874.
    • VARIN 1817-1825, daughter of Antoine Joseph and Marie Élisabeth "Clotilde" DEVILLERS.
    • VAUCHERET 1868-1927, daughter of Placide and Marie Léonise RISSE, with Jules Honoré TOURNIER.
    • VERNEREY LA CÔTE 1831-1908, daughter of François Éloi and Jeanne Françoise BEZ.
    • VIEILLARD ca 1885-, married to Marie Joseph Auguste LONCHAMPT in 1910.
    • VIEILLE 1859-, daughter of Claude César and Marie Hélène BEZ.
    • VIEILLE 1820-, married to Pierre Alexis CUPILLARD MILLIAN in 1850.
    • VUILLAUME 1837-, daughter of François Séraphin and Marie Julienne BERTIN DENIS.
    • VUILLEMEZ 1887-1966, daughter of Charles "Virgile" and Adèle Emma BERGER, with Alfred Maurice GUICHARD BARON.
    • VUILLEMIN 1866-, daughter of Jules Alphonse and Jeanne Françoise Clarisse VACELET, married to Ernest Virgile GABRY in 1893.
    • VUILLEMIN 1850-1921, married to Charles Narcisse ARNOUX in 1879.
    • VUILLEMIN ca 1845-, with Charles Nestor DEVILLERS.
    • VUILLEMIN 1822-, daughter of Claude Joseph and Marie Louise Généreuse FLEUROT.

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