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Princess De Sweden

  • Born in 996 - Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Deceased 10 February 1050 - Novgorod, Ryssland,aged 54 years old
  • Princesse, Storhertigina


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Ingrid Ingegerda Sweden was born in 1001. Ingrid Ingegerda Sweden Olofsdottir ... She passed away in 1050. [1]

Name: Anguehard //
Name: Enguerherde //


Husband: Yaroslav I 'The Wise' UNKNOWN
Wife: [Ingrid Olafsdotter
Child: Vladimir Yarolsavich
Child: Izyaslav I Dmitrij Yaroslavich

Svyatopolk I YaroslavichChild: Vsevolod I YaroslavovicChild: Elizaveta YaroslavnaChild: Anastasiya YaroslavnaChild: Igor YaroslavichChild:Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna

Note: Jaroslav' second wife[2]
Date: 1019
Place: Of, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden[3]


Occupation: Prinsessa av Sverige
Note: Princess Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden (1001 – 10 February 1050) was a Swedish princess and a Grand Princess of Kiev, the daughter of Swedish King Olof Skötkonung and Estrid of the Obotrites and the consort of Yaroslav I the Wise of Kiev.
Ingegerd was born in Sigtuna,Sweden, and was engaged to be married to Norwegian King Olaf II, but when Sweden and Norway got into a feud, Swedish King Olof Skötkonung wouldn't allow for the marriage to happen.
Instead, Ingegerd's father quickly arranged for a marriage to the powerful Yaroslav I the Wise of Novgorod. The marriage took place in 1019. Once in Kiev,her name was changed to the Greek Irene. According to several sagas, she was given as a marriage gift Ladoga and adjacent lands, which later received the name Ingria (arguably a corruption of Ingegerd's name). She set her friend jarl Ragnvald Ulfsson to rule in her stead.[4]


Ingegerd was later declared a saint, by the name of St. Anna, in Novgorod and Kiev. The reason was that she initiated the building of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev as well as the local version, the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, along with many good doings.

St. Anna, Grand Duchess of Novgorod, She was the daughter of Swedish King Olaf Sketktung, the "All-Christian King," who did much to spread Orthodoxy in Scandinavia, and the pious Queen Astrida. In Sweden she was known as Princess Indegard; she married Yaroslav I “the Wise“, Grand Prince of Kiev, who was the founder of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in 1016, taking the name Irene. She gave shelter to the outcast sons of British King Edmund, Edwin and Edward, as well as the Norwegian prince Magnus, who later returned to Norway. She is perhaps best known as the mother of Vsevolod of , himself the father of Vladimir Monomakh and progenitor of the Princes of Moscow. Her daughters were Anna, Queen of France, Queen Anastasia of Hungary, and Queen Elizabeth (Elisiv) of Norway. The whole family was profoundly devout and pious. She reposed in 1050 in the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom (St. Sophia) in Kiev, having been tonsured a monastic with the name of Anna.

Ingegerd had the following children Elisiv of Kiev, queen of Norway Anastasia of Kiev, queen of Hungary Anne of Kiev, queen of France Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile Vladimir of Novgorod Iziaslav Sviatoslav Vsevolod Igor Yaroslavich

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Erik VII Bjørnsson ca 935-ca 995 Gunhild Swietoslava / Sygryda of Wendland, (Sigrid the Haughty) Mieszkówna / Piast ca 952-1014 Mieceslas de Obotrites 939-999 Sophia Àrpàd ca 951-

Olaf Skötkonung Eriksson ca 975-1022 Astrid Endla Inegrid of the Obotrites, Queen of Sweden de Wendland, Queen of Sweden ca 979-1034/

Princess Ingigerd Olofsdotter av Sverige, Princess De Sweden 996-1050