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Genealogy of the Flemish-Dutch Roucourt & Recourt families

The family tree starts with Dirk (Theodorius) van Roucourt (alias van Rockourt, Rokou) who lived in the Belgium city of Halen in the early years of the 17th century. Halen was under control of the Spanish forces, but soldiers of the Prince of Orange attacked the city by surprise in the night of July the 10th, 1637. Dirk was shot and killed during this attack. His house was burnt and the taxes he collected to improve the dykes at the river Demer were stolen. After residing a short period in Leuven (Belgium), his grandson Hendrik (Henricus) moved to the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands. Most likely, he (and many others) escaped the ongoing instability in the Southern parts of the Netherlands, were only the catholic church was accepted as the state religion. Hendrik married Lucretia van den Blieck in 1697 and they got 12 children. From the 17th century until now, the Roucourt family also moved to other regions in the Netherlands and the family name altered into Recourt, Recoert, Rekourt, Rekoert and Rikkoert. Current ongoing research suggests that the family name originates from Rocourt, which is now part of Liege. Please also visit:


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