Ida Frances

  • Browning ca 1869-, married to Benjamin Cutler Chesebrough in 1896.
  • Dean, daughter of John William and Ida ?, married to Donald William Perrizo.
  • Harrington 1855-, daughter of George A. and Harriet Brown Howe.
  • Hatch 1896-, daughter of Franklin Arzy and Lucy Alberta Cameron.
  • Hunt 1858-1915, daughter of John and Lois Barnes Pratt, married to David King Udall in 1882.
  • Kiser, daughter of Samuel and Martha Sprinkle.
  • Packard 1843-, married to Henry Orlando Hewitt in 1864.
  • Wade 1892-, daughter of Daniel Showalter and Emma Boice, married to George Day in 1912.
  • Weeks, daughter of Daniel and Caroline Daggett.