• Born February 24, 1402 - Geneva, Switzerland
  • Deceased January 29, 1465 - Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France,aged 62 years old
  • Buried - Geneva, Switzerland


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

Name Prefix: Sir

Nationality: Italy


  • Individual:
    - Biographical Summaries of Notable People - Louis I, Duke of Savoy&lt;br&gt;Gender: Male&lt;br&gt;Birth: Feb 21 1413 - Geneva&lt;br&gt;Death: Jan 29 1465 - Lyon&lt;br&gt;Nationality: Italy&lt;br&gt;Marriage: Spouse: Anne of Cyprus - Feb 12 1434 - Chambéry&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Relatives: <br>Relation Name Birth<br>Mother <a>Mary of Burgundy, Duchess of Savoy</a> 1386<br>Father <a>Antipope Felix V</a> Sep 4 1383<br>Daughter <a>Charlotte of Savoy</a> Nov 11 1441<br>Son <a>Amadeus Ix, Duke of Savoy</a> Feb 1 1435<br>Son <a>Jacques of Savoy, Count of Romont</a> Nov 12 1450<br>Daughter <a>Marie of Savoy, Countess of Saint-Pol</a> Mar 20 1448<br>Daughter <a>Bona of Savoy</a> Aug 10 1449<br>Daughter <a>Margaret of Savoy, Countess of Saint-Pol</a> Apr 1439<br>Son <a>Philip II, Duke of Savoy</a> Feb 4 1438<br>Son <a>Louis of Cyprus</a> June 5 1436<br>Wife <a>Anne of Cyprus</a> Sep 24 1418
    - Netherlands, GenealogieOnline Family Tree Index - Louis I Savoy&lt;br&gt;Gender: Male&lt;br&gt;Birth: Feb 24 1413 - Geneva, Switzerland&lt;br&gt;Marriage: <a>Anne of Lusignan</a>&lt;br&gt;Death: Jan 29 1465 - Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France&lt;br&gt;Burial: Geneva, Switzerland&lt;br&gt;Father: <a>Amadeus Viii of Savoy</a>&lt;br&gt;Mother: <a>Marie of Burgundy</a>&lt;br&gt;Children: <a>Agnes of Savoy</a><a>Charlotte of Savoy</a><a>Jacob Janus of Savoy</a><a>Bona of Savoy</a><a>Philip of Savoy</a><a>Amadeus Ix of Savoy</a><a>Giovanni of Savoy</a><a>Margaret of Savoy</a>&lt;br&gt;Source: <a>View the original record</a> on <a>GenealogieOnline website</a>&lt;br&gt;Source Remarks: Some family trees were posted years ago and have later been removed. In such cases, the link to the original record will not work.

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