• Born 19 January 1889 - Coamo, Puerto Rico
  • Deceased 20 November 1970 - Centro Hospitalario, Mexico City, Mexico,aged 81 years old
  • Chauffeur, Detective



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Individual Note

Baudilio was born in Coamo. His father, who had been born in Spain, died when he was 13 and so he became the head of the family including his 3 younger brothers and two younger sisters. His mother wasan emancipated slave and never married to his father. But, the father had recognized each of his children after their births. He impregnated the cook's daughter and married her when she was 17. They had two children but he never saw his second son because he had left to work in Cuba and there had a daughter out of wedlock. He escaped when he delivered a Model T Ford in Vera Cruz and was hired on the spot as a chauffeur. He remained in Mexico from then on and later became a detective and them married his second wife though he never divorced the first one. They had two daughters and a son. He never told his family about his first wife or his sons. Then in 1995, his grandson found and contacted the family in Mexico. At first they could not believe it but after looking at the paperwork, they knew. He had risen to be a 33rd degree Mason and was well respected in Mexico. His secret did not come out until much later on after he had died at about 83 years of age. Throughout the years he maintained contact with his siblings until they moved to New York and then he visited in the 50's with his wife. He never knew that his first son and grandchildren were living about two blocks away from where he was staying in New York. As his grandson, I can say that my father never forgave him and had actually met his half sister once but she told him that her father had no other children.


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 Family Tree Preview

Llorens Mora y Vila 1820-1899 Francisca Ribas y Massaguer 1826-1883  

Baudilio Jose Guillermo Mora y Ribas 1860-1904 Angela Berrios y Miranda 1872-1925

Baudilio Mora y Berrios 1889-1970