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Eisenbeiß Family History orhere  (mirrored from Geocities 1910) 

 The next reunion is scheduled for Jun 2016 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.Details about the reunion are in process of being finalized.
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The spelling adopted is EISENBEIS to avoid duplication. Only a few names are reported correctly.  I beg your pardon. Example: search forJohn Isenbise, write John Isenbise & John Eisenbeis. A quick way is to check the name of the wife. Others patronymics: Eisenbeiß, Eisenbeiss, Eisenbeisz, Eisenenbeis, Eisenbise, Icenbice, Eissenbeys, Eysenbeis, Eyssenbeyss, Eisenpeiss, Isanbess, Yßenbyß, Eisenbeisser, Eisenbeiser, Eisenbies, Eisenpies, EYSENBEYS (French), EYZENBEYS (Russia), ЭЙЗЕНБЕЙС Genealogy Books Click here for a book ordering form before 15 may 2013   A short history of Simon EISENBEIS, great Grandfather of Seyfried (French and English language) 

Eisenbeiß (eyes-en-byes): A person, or persons, who gather every three years to eat kuchen, talk, dance, talk, reminisce, talk, eat, talk about eating and eat while they talk. Clyde Eisenbeis  

 Johann Georg EISENBEISS

  • Born in August 1737
  • Deceased 27 July 1790 - Reading,,Pennsylvania,Berks Co, Pennsylvania,US , age at death: 52 years old
  • Buried 29 July 1790 - Reading,Trin Evang,,Berks, Pennsylvania,US
  • Serie w: from Germany to US in 1751, at 23 old.

 Spouses and children


Individual Note

 11 children ( 7 sons & 4 daughters ) of whom 8 survive, and 10 grandchildren.
On 24 Sep 1751, Johann Georg Eisenbeiss arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Neptune. John Mason was the captain. The ship left from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. There were 284 passengers. Peter Klinger and his wife Catherine Eisenbeiss (* 1724, + 16 Oct 1790) were also on board. Upon entering Philadelphia, Johann Georg signed an oath of allegience to King of England in his ownhand. His burial record at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading (27 Aug 1790) states "33 years in married state, begat 11 children, 7 sons and 4 daughters of whom 8 survive, 10 grandchildren- 61 years, 11 mo. 2 wks 1 day.

  1. 1697746, item 11; pg. G-125; submitted by Melissa Lou-Alyce Hibler Sutton,
    L.A. California.
    !EMMIGRATION: Immigrant Lists to Philadelphia, PA;; FHL film #0020446;; pg.
    342; NOTE: Johann Georg Eisenbeiss, Ship Neptune, qualified in Philadelphia 24
    Sep. 1751. This was the only Eisenbeis that I found on the immigrant lists in
    this source. If this is my John George Eisenbeis, he emmigrated at about age
    23 years; ACTION: Get a copy of this list for my records.
    !NATURALIZATION: Berks County Naturalizations, 1752-1764; BERKS COUNTY
    GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL; Vol. 8, No. 4; Jan. 1988; pg. 47; Berks Co. PA;
    NOTE: Jno. George Eisenbeiss, Reading Township, Sacrament taken 18 Sep. 1761.
    (They were required to take the Lord's Supper to be naturalized.)
    !LAND: Land Warrants And Patents In Readingtown;; BERKS COUNTY GENEALOGICAL
    SOCIETY JOURNAL; Vol. 8, No. 1; Jul. 1987; pg. 8; Reading, Berks Co. PA; NOTE:
  2. 345, George Eisenbis, 20 Apr. 1767. On pg. 9 is a lay-out of Readingtown,
    showing the lot belonging to George Eisenbis (dated 10 Apr. 1767), situated on
    the corner of Richard Street and Clement Street.
    !TAXATION: Tax List From Church Record (St. Gabriel's Church, Amity Township,
    Berks Co. PA);; FHL film #0020531, item 1; pg. 459; NOTE: Reading, 1763- John
    Eisenbeis, valuation of 4; taxed 0,1,0.
    !TAXATION: Tax Lists; Berks and Philadelphia Co. PA; PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES,
    3rd SERIES, VOL. XVIII; Provincial Papers, Berks Co.;; FHL film #0824433; pg.
    4; NOTE: Proprietary Tax Returns, 1767- Readingtown; George Eisenbeis, mason,
    taxed 12 (shillings?) on 1 house, 1 lot, 1 cattle. 1779- Reading; pg. 270;
    NOTE: Geo. Eisenbeis, mason, (taxed 375 dollars?). 1780- Reading; pg. 395;
    NOTE: Geo. Eisenbeis, taxed 3.5.0 on 1 cattle. 1781- Reading; pg. 533;
    NOTE: Geo. Eisenbeis, no acreage, no horses nor cattle, taxed 12.9. 1784-
    Reading; pg. 652; NOTE: Geo. Eusenbeis, mason, taxed 8 (shillings?) on 1
    cattle. 1785- Reading; pg. 793; NOTE: John Geo. Eisenbeis taxed 4.3.
    !MILITARY: Berks County Soldiers Who Fought in the American Revolution;
    1775-1784; Berks County Pennsylvania DAR; 1932; FHL film #0020534;
    unpaginated; NOTE: George served 17 October - 18 December 1781 in Lt. Sybert's
    Company, died 27 July 1790, buried in Trinity; PA. Archives, 5th series, vol.
    5, p. 284; ACTION: Get a copy of this reference.
    !BURIAL: Church Records; Berks Co. PA;; Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church;;
    Reading, Berks Co. PA; FHL film #1002430;; pg. 32; NOTE: Buried 29 Jul. 1790,
    John George Eisenbeiss, 33 years in married life, begat 11 children (7 sons
    and 4 daughters), of whom 8 survive, 10 grandchildren, died 27 Jul. 1790 of
    fever, age 61y-11m-2w-1d.@NI013@

    Burial: July 29, 1790, Trin Evang Luth, Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania
    According to
    The Ship Neptune, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Colony, 24 September 1751 From Pennsylvania German Pioneers [List 172C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday, the 24th September 1751. Present: William Peters, Esquire The Foreigners whose names are underwriten, imported in the Ship Neptune, John Mason, Commander, from Rotterdam & last from Cowes, did this day take the usual Qualifications & subscribe them. By List 144. Whole Freights 300. Messrs. Shoemaker. Melchior Trautman Johann Petter Trautmann Johan Leonhart Trautman
    And Also, according to
    Jacob Peterman, - Sept. 24, 1751, Ship Neptune, John Mason, Captain, of Rotterdam, last from Cowes
    Two different vessels named NEPTUNE arrived at Philadelphia in September 1751 carrying German immigrants: (1) the ship NEPTUNE, Capt. James Wier, from Cowes and Rotterdam, whose male passengers aged 16 years and over took the oaths of allegiance, fidelity, and abjuration, on Monday, 23 September, and (2) the ship NEPTUNE, John Mason, Commander, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes, whose passengers qualified on Tuesday, 24 September. No complete list of passengers survives for either vessel. However, the signature lists of the male passengers aged 16 years and over who took the above oaths do survive in the Pennsylvania State Archive in Harrisburg. They have been published many times, most authoritatively in Ralph Beaver Strassburger, _Pennsylvania German pioneers; a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808_, edited by William John Hinke, vol. 1, Pennsylvania German Society, Proceedings 42 (Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society, 1934), list 171C, pp. 466-467, and list 172C, pp. 467-469, respectively. There is, however, no reference to anyone with the surname GIFT on either list.
    Michael Palmer,
    Claremont, California,


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