• Augustinusdatter 1736-1736, daughter of Augustinus Thoresen and Ingebor Hansdatter.
  • Hägvards 1723-1806, daughter of Dynis Dinusson Hägvards and Anna Detlofsdotter Schultz, married to Johan Johansson Wies, Carl Hansson Lysholm in 1761.
  • Holmberg 1788-1875, daughter of Nils and Anna Wies, married to Georg Niclas Lindbom in 1809.
  • Holmberg 1779-1779, daughter of Nils and Anna Wies.
  • Johansdotter 1785-, daughter of Johan Olofsson and Christina Pärsdotter, married to Olof Andersson.
  • Larsdotter Wies 1748-1748, daughter of Lars Johansson Wies and Gunnilla Mattisdotter.
  • Pedersdatter , daughter of Peder ?, married to Aage Asbiørnsen.