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Cette base de données généalogiques a laparticularité de regrouper les généalogies de nombreusespersonnalités américaines, canadiennes et anglaises ayant desorigines franco-canadiennes. Toutes comptent dans leur ascendanceplusieurs pionniers qui émigrèrent du Perche (France) au XVIIesiècle pour fonder la Nouvelle-France.

Thisdatabase contains genealogical data of several celebrities fromU.S., Canada and Great-Britain whose ancestry includesFrench-Canadian lineages. All have several ancestors who leftPerche (France) in the 17th century to live in Quebec(Canada).

Angelina VOIGHT
Angelina VOIGHT

F Angelina VOIGHT Jolie


  • Born 4 June 1975 - Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES of AMERICA
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Actrice
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  • Jonathan VOIGHT, born 29 December 1938 - Yonkers, Westchester, New York, UNITED STATES of AMERICA,

    Married 12 December 1971 to
  • Marcia Lynne Marcheline BERTRAND, born 9 May 1950 - St. Francis Hospital - Blue Island, Cook County, Illinois, UNITED STATES of AMERICA, deceased 27 January 2007 - Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES of AMERICA aged 56 years old,


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Elmer Voight VOYTKA 1909-1973 Barbara KAMP 1910-1995 Rolland BERTRAND 1923-1985 Lois June GOUWENS 1928-1973

Jonathan VOIGHT 1938 Marcia Lynne Marcheline BERTRAND 1950-2007

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Angelina Jolie VOIGHT 1975